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Five for Friday

June 21, 2013

 These Gray Tufted Chairs from World Market are perfection.  One of my best friend's got them for her dining room and I immediately fell in love.  My friend has amazing taste and imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw the price.  I plan on ordering three sets of two for my dining room.  I'm sure the quality goes along with the price tag but with two small children I'm okay with limiting my investment at this point.

 This one piece swimsuit from Anthropologie is just begging for you to throw on a pair of raybans and call it a day.  It's sophisticated and chic but not at all trying too hard.  My favorite combination.  Would be the perfect Fourth of July Suit as well.  Think of all the hotdogs you could fit underneath the blousey top.  Yup, I think like that.

 Particularly this space she just pained pink.  Kerry's an artist and I'm obsessed with her paintings as well.  I love her use of color and movement in her work.  Just look at that gorgeousness below.  Kerry also happens to be a super sweet blog friend.  If you don't read her blog you should.  

I'm really into delicate jewelry lately.  Just something to contrast all the statement pieces I have.  This is such a pretty layering piece.  I like that it looks pretty on it's own but would be badass piled on with two or three other necklaces.  And who doesn't want a wishbone?
Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.  John Wayne
This one is self explanatory and I plan on ordering it for Tagg's room asap.  What perfect words for all of us though really. 
Pictured on the West Elm Souk Rug

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  1. Those chairs are a total steal! Love them -- could use them in my house since I went gray all over. Show pictures once you get them!

  2. Love those chairs too! Have a great weekend!
    xo Nancy

  3. I love those tufted chairs! They're gorgeous. I am a huge fan of fabric chairs, and these would look perfect in my dinning room... once we're done moving in and all :) Love the quote!! And the Anthro swimsuit is GORGEOUS! I am so happy we have an Anthro here in Charleston now. I might have to go check out that suit.

    Happy weekend!



  4. I love that suit too! I went to Anthro to try it on, but they don't have bathing suits in the store. :((((

  5. Wow! Thanks for the sweet introduction.
    I think you are very smart to limit your investment on something that can get hosed in a matter of minutes.

  6. I have wanted that suit all season but just can't bite the bullet and pay the price! Only wear strapless one pieces now with 2 babes in tow! And love the chairs, have pinned several from World Mkt to replace our wood ones from Ballards bc it's just too much wood in one room-Avignon table.

  7. This is a silly question given that they're called "gray tufted chairs" but do they look gray in person? They look sort of beige-linen colored in the pictures. Either way, they're beautiful!

    Love that suit from Anthro!

  8. i have been loving delicate gold jewelry lately. maybe i need a wishbone too...

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Ugh that suit just went on sale finally, and of course no more of my size, figures! Guess I'll opt for some of Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers 1 pieces from Old Navy ha ha ha!

  11. Girl get those chairs what a freaking steal!Love that swimsuit too!!

  12. Love those chairs!

  13. All 5 are winners. World Market gives you a discount code for signing up with your email. Their flyers have coupons too;)))

  14. I love Kerry's art! She is so talented!!

  15. nice

  16. get the chairs! we can replace when the kids are older and dont spill every single thing

  17. Love the art and necklace! I need more simple, delicate necklaces!

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