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Meal Planning Made Simple: Week 15

June 3, 2013


Okay friends, I'm still at the beach.  I know, hate it.  But I'm gifting you with this yummy meal plan today so you can at least eat well while I'm lounging in the salt air.

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  1. Yum and we miss you sweets! I hope you are having so much fun and yes I am jealous!!

  2. Bacon wrapped deliciousness and fried yumms! Sounds like a good week!

  3. all of your meal planning always looks so amazing and makes me hungry at 9am! haha xo


  4. Very jealous! You know which is my favorite ;)

  5. I am so envious of your beach time! Also I am feeling too lazy to cook any of this so someone needs to come and do it for me. ;)

  6. Oh my goodness gracious that brown butter spaghetti looks divine! Making it. Stat. Hope you're enjoying the beach!

  7. i made the top recipe (butternut squash, kale pasta). Thanks for the recommendation! My husband actually loved it as much as I do and it will become a staple!


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