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August 1, 2013

Dariy-Free Chocolate Oreo Pudding Dessert | Vegan

 Dairy-Free Vegan Chocolate Oreo Pudding | The Best Dairy-Free Dessert Ever

This couldn't be more simple if you tried.  And it's best made a little bit ahead of time.  
Cook a package of jello brand chocolate pudding according to the directions (don't use instant) substituting soy milk for cow's milk.  We're really big fans of the Silk brand in our house.  Remove from the heat and immediately mix in a bag of crushed Oreos and fold around into the pudding.  Allow to cool for several hours in the fridge.  Over night is best.
This is such a great addition to a meal you bring to a new mom because it's dairy-free but still chocolatey and delicious and everyone loves it.  This is also a good foray into the world of dairy-free living.  You're not giving up as much good stuff as you think.
*I've heard a lot of non-sense on the internet about how soy milk doesn't work with instant pudding mix.  Well it does.  We make it all the time.  The catch?  You have the eat the whole bowl immediately.  Within a few hours it starts to loosen up. The consistency is more like chocolate soup.  See?  Pretty awesome in my book.  Perfectly normal for the first two or so hours and then you can eat it like soup?  Yes. Please.
Any questions?  Anyone interested in more dairy-free or vegan talk?



  1. We are not even diary free and I would gobble that up!! yum!!

  2. Yum!! I wonder if that would work with almond milk - I might have to try.

  3. Looks delicious. I've not heard, are new moms supposed to be dairy-free? Something to do with breastfeeding?

  4. Yum! I am dairy and gluten free these days.

  5. Definitely interested in more DF / vegan talk. Although I may not make the exact recipe you shared it got me thinking about using coconut milk or almond milk to make SF pudding cause I love chocolate + either almond or coconut flavors. So what you shared inspired me.

  6. Delicious vegan food, like this pudding, is one reason why the number of vegans has doubled in less than 3 years. Here are two uplifting videos that will help people understand just some of the implications of this lifestyle: and

  7. yes more dairy-free food please! my doctor just requested I cut it out of my diet. i love cheese!

  8. you just made my day. please please please post more dairy free recipes! do you think it would work with almond or coconut milk?

  9. Amazing! I like it so much!!!!so u want to follow each other!?

  10. This looks so delish and I adore the flamingos!

  11. Looks lovely but is hardly vegan, read the ingredients on a pkg of Oreos.

    1. Don't worry I have checked and OREO'S ARE COMPLETELY VEGAN! I've down a sufficient amount of research as have several of my vegan friends (we're not vegan, by the way just dairy and egg free). Both the chocolate and the golden Oreo's are free of animal products. I have heard that the original recipe contained whey but currently they don't. So if you're a vegan, feel free to indulge in the goodness!



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