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August 28, 2013

Help me win! Pretty Please!

Thank you SO MUCH for everyone who went and voted for me yesterday to win a dream room makeover for Wells.  She's just as excited as I am about the possibility of winning a gorgeous new pink room!  Remember you can vote up to once an hour through Friday! 
Please go here to vote for us!  And then keep on voting!
Remember you can also like my entry on facebook and like my picture on instagram to increase my chances!



  1. You have the most votes so far!!! Good luck!

  2. Just voted again! You are in the lead by a lot!

  3. Thanks everyone! There is a girl in Portland who made a huge middle of the night jump! They'd at stay up late on the west coast!!!

  4. Glad you let us know you can vote more than once! I'm voting and hoping Wells wins!

  5. You are doing so well! Just voted for you again!


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