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August 28, 2013

My favorites!!!

Thank you all so much for voting and voting again for us in the Serena & Lily dream kids room makeover!  I just found out on Monday that we were selected as semi-finalists and had just a few hours to create our video.  I'm embarrassed by it, of course.  I don't love my outfit.  I'm not a fan of my hair that I didn't have time to wash.  My typically wild children were exhausted from an afternoon spent at the Nashville Zoo and acted like zombie kids on film.

  But we made it anyway because this is real life.  And we want to win.  Because this is real life.  And I'm grateful to each of you.  Because you're real life too.  Real life supporters of me and my family.  Even on a week where I've left this blog here hanging.  So thanks so much.  And if I haven't said it enough, thank you again!

Click here to go to the voting page and scroll down until you see us.  We're contestant #3
I've also created a direct link at to make easier for you to help us!  
I promise to make next week extra awesome on the blog to make up for my shameless plug this week!


  1. congrats and I'm on my way to vote now!! good luck.

  2. I allready did! 3 times and I will some more. Adorable video with your babies Really hope you win! Cheers

  3. I have voted for you a couple of times! My fingers are crossed that you win because I can't wait to see the result!

  4. Love the video! Am a "super fan" of real life and your saying "fairy dust" money. Thanks for keeping the blog world real!! :)

  5. Just voted!! Fingers crossed! Love the real life video :)

  6. voted for you! good luck! it seems you are in the lead right now!


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