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August 7, 2013

On my radar

Are we all having a good week so far?  It's flying by.  Which is pretty amazing considering the rain has us home bound.  My mind is completely on other things this morning so I thought maybe I would just share some things on my radar this week.

I love the slim lines on this dress.  I could totally picture is with some colorful accessories right now or paired with fun nude or black booties for date night this fall.

 Seriously a splurge for me, but the gorgeous versatility of this piece is totally worth the price per wear.  I can't even imagine how awesome this would look in the fall with deep burgundy or mallard green.  And then their is the winter white or or mint green perfection.  Or just a take a simple black dress or top completely over the edge.  I think I need this necklace asap.

Y'all know I like a good lady-like dress.  We've been doing better about going to Church and I realized that what I'd wear to date night is not exactly what goes in through those double doors on Sunday morning.  Big shocker, right.  this would also be a pretty work dress.  I picture it with a pretty colored skinny belt and d'orsay flats.

Okay, okay, I get it.  This is another major splurge.  But I don't need to sing the praises of how amazing these pumps would look with anything from a wedding dress to a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt.  I MUST find a way to make these pretties mine.
I love how much pattern this dress has, yet it's a still neutral enough to wear with fun coral colored heels.  It also works in the office or Church with a cardigan over top and a dainty necklace for a more lady-like feel.



  1. Loving all these picks!! I could totally see you in the top dress with your dark locks and some red lips ;) Ahh....those shoes...I die!

  2. We've got the rainy days going on here too. Shopping sounds like the right rainy day activity to me!

  3. Loving these dresses! That Modcloth dress is amazing!

  4. LOVE that zig zag dress, so cute!

  5. Love that necklace, a great statement piece!

  6. I feel like shopping now. The blue dress is so ladylike.

  7. Oh love the last dress! I don't think there's much better than a sweetheart A-line

  8. Love your picks! Happy Wednesday!

  9. oh that necklace! insane


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