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August 14, 2013

Pottery Barn Farmhouse Table.

Is everyone still going bananas at the Serena and Lily Big Deal Sale?  I'm trying to hold off because we're supposed to be saving for a new King size mattress and bed.  I wish their mattress was part of the big deal sale.  That would make one large purchase a little easier.  But I've got several smaller items in my cart just waiting for me to pull the trigger.  I mean it's free shipping.  I'm so close.

I also have a little DIY up my sleeve today.  I'm in love with the Pottery Barn small farmhouse table.  
We seriously need it for our kitchen.  Much to my dismay, Tagg has completely boycotted his high chair and likes to sit at the table with Wells.  It's more convenient to have them sit somewhere in the kitchen than to head to the dining room for every snack.

But as I mentioned before, I have to keep my house budget priorities in line and this doesn't fit with that.  So, I'm going to try to create a small dining table for Wells and Tagg in our kitchen.  Full disclosure, it's more Sandra Lee style than a full on Ana White DIY.  

We have a small square table with a decorative lip under the ledge that is just low enough it prevents the kids from using this table as a play table.  I've been waiting patiently to ask Matt to cut that decorative piece off so that a chair will tuck underneath.  But I go back and forth because the decorative curve adds so much character.  I've got a solution.

So basically, I'm going to take a small coffee table that I already own and add small ball feet to the bottom to raise it high enough for the kids to fit their legs underneath.  Then I'm going to spray paint it white.  I plan on using wood glue to adhere the feet to the bottom with the hopes that Matt will come back behind me and secure them more thoroughly with a nail or screw or something I know nothing about.  

I know my limits.  Glue and spray paint it is.  Follow along on instagram today to see more.



  1. Love that glue and spray paint are your limits. You're too funny! I cannot wait to see what you do!

  2. Ohhh I can not wait to follow alone!If I know my girl, it's going to look amazing!

  3. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

    We recently bought a king size mattress and I was shocked at the prices on mattresses. We found a great deal on so maybe check there? I was hesitant to buy online but it's a great brand (Sealy or Serta - can't remember), they accept returns, and they're warrantied. So we took a leap of faith and bought it. It's great! You might also want to check a warehouse store like Sam's or Costco. They had good prices on major brands too.

  4. Excited to see it! I need some playroom ideas!

  5. I like the way you think. They sell table feet/legs at Lowes and the have screw ends on them. Just have Matt drill the hole you table. You might also be able to take the legs off of your table easily and add longer ones from the store.
    Good luck!

    1. Yes, I saw the legs last time I was there but they're $11 each so I'd have almost $50 in the project without other supplies or table cost. Boo. I'm hoping they had some sort of foot or something that's cheaper

  6. If you have an Original Mattress Factory near you, you should check it out. I wanted to save money on a twin mattress for my son's first bed so we went there. I was expecting their beds to not be comfy and I was really shocked by how comfortable it is. It's actually much more comfortable than our King bed which I paid entirely too much for. Live and learn.

  7. I am considering buying one thing from the S&L sale. I need an extra crib sheet for Ella Sofia. I can't wait to see your diy!

  8. Going over to instagram now to check the progress...this sounds great.

  9. This is very impressive. I can't wait ti see the results sounds like the perfect solution for the kids!

  10. I love the lines of your table better. Love following you on insta :)

  11. Just get a double end screw. Drill a slightly smaller hole in the ball and leg of coffee table so that there's plenty of wood left to grip. Use wood glue just before they are screwed tightly together. Voila! Same thing furniture makers do. The cost should be under $5 for 4 double end screws.

  12. I put a few things in my cart for the Serena and Lily sale but then walked away...I need to cut back on spending some the next month or so! Can't wait to see the finished project!

  13. This is very engrossing.I can't Wait to follow anyone and how it's turns out!

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