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August 9, 2013

Southwestern Barbecue Salad (Tastes Just Like Panera) & My new favorite dress

I'm completely obsessed with this new Southwestern Barbecue Salad I made for dinner last night.  It tasted really similar to Panera Bread's salad and I kept it vegan and dairy free! 

Chop lettuce, tomatoes, and red onion.  
Drain a can of black beans and a can of corn and heat on the stove top.  
Toss together with equal parts Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce and Brianna's Rose Vinaigrette dressing.  
You can add tortilla strips for crunch but I opted out because I think that's a waste of calories.  
You can obviously add grilled chicken to this salad to make it heartier and a bit more substantial for dinner.  
For those that aren't dairy free, I'd recommend tossing in some shredded Colby Jack cheese directly on top of the warmed corn and black bean mixture.  It also never hurts to add a dash of something creamy to that dressing mixture above.  I've tried blue cheese and ranch before and it's dreamy.  But I honestly didn't miss it last night.

It's a crowd pleaser for sure.  And yes, Matt does eat salads with me.  Even meatless ones.  We make our salads in giant metal mixing bowls so the portions are not you typical twelve pieces of lettuce appetizer.  If your man won't go for that, try making the grilled chicken a separate item on the plate instead of mixing it into the salad bowl.  And get yourself some extra large mixing bowls.  It makes all the difference in tasting like a restaurant meal instead of six ingredients from your fridge.

And how amazing is this Kate Spade look-alike Mod Cloth dress?  I can't even begin to sing it's praises to the fullest.  Its got that cinched in waist and a-line shape that's universally flattering.  It could totally be dressed up for a wedding with some really badass sparkles like this crystal mademoiselle necklace from baublebar.

I'm also loving this super lady-like handbag in the fun poppy red color.  It's pretty inexpensive (relatively) and looks like it would hold just enough of my crap.



  1. Salad looks delish but confession I don't like Panera- their meat weirds me out! That dress would look amazing on you!

  2. definitely adding this one to the list and i second the presentation being the key to my hubs eating salad for dinner with me. grilled chicken would be delish on this!

  3. Love the bag! Also Im going to try the salad for brunch!
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  4. I love that bag. You should do a round up of cool fall bags! I am in desperate need of a new purse. I am considering the one above in cognac.


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