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September 6, 2013

Back to School: Closet Organization

Do y'all organize your closets by your weekly wardrobe?  How about for your kids?  

Wells starts school next week and I know we're venturing into a whole new world of organizational needs.  She's not dressing herself yet but I think that's going to change with the independence school will encourage.  I want to keep things simple for all of us and start a system that will suit us for years.  She's only going for three mornings a week but I like the idea of planning a whole week's worth of outfits ahead of time.  Right now we keep all our shoes in a basket in the coat closet next to the front door.  Is this smart still or should I place the coordinating shoes in the closet with the clothes?  I'm pretty open to letting Wells mix and match whatever she wants on her feet so maybe a bin downstairs is still the way to go.

Like I said, I'm in total control of what goes on her body right now but I know this will soon change.  Any tips you can offer?  Things that work, or don't, with your kids?  Maybe something you remember from your own childhood that made getting dressed easier?  I wore a uniform until college so I'm kind of new to this game.
And because I'm always guilty of focusing more on girly things, I created a board for the boys this time too.  Although with drive through carpool drop-off, I think Tagg and I will be hiding in pjs most mornings!



  1. I love those racks!

    I wore a uniform too so no help there! But as a working girl I always did best laying out clothes for the week. Helped with the morning dash/panic!

    Good luck!

  2. I love your closet inspiration! It's perfect for kids getting ready to go back to school.

  3. I pick out my lil guy's outfit (just started in 3s this week) and have it ready in the kitchen along with shoes and snack in lunchbox in fridge ready to go the night before. The mornings are just too hectic trying to get out the door. I organize the closet by type-such as all tshirts, polo shirts, john johns, nice pants, play pants, turtlenecks, sweaters, fleeces, etc. Writing this I realize how OCD I am about my closets! He's a boy, he could care less what I put on him, thank goodness!

  4. I love the Land of Nod hanging shoe organizers and have them for both my girls (in that exact pink)! I keep their shoes organized in their closets in it but they inevitably end up migrating on the 1st floor so I also think having a basket by the front door is very useful. My 3-yr old helps me pick out her outfit the night before which works best for us because when we tried for the whole week, she inevitably changed her mind day after day! Good luck with the transition next week - hope she loves it!

  5. Cute idea although I don't think I could get an outfit a day ready for the week ahead. My daughter just wears a dress and white socks and shoes everyday, for most of the year. Luckily, she still has very little opinion in the matter but when my older daughter was little I would choose two outfits and give her a choice. Leaving wide open to everything in the closet was asking for trouble, trouble like cords and a bathing suit top.

  6. I have a strong-willed just turned 4 female who "thinks" she is picking when I have laid three different outfits out... I try for one that suits me, one that suits her, and one that is a smoosh of what we both like. Yes, I realize the teenage years will be brutal, but I feel like she enjoys "picking out" her clothes giving her a sense of independence but I still have a say without her knowing I do! (Picking out two outfits only works on occasion) hope your baby girl is easier...

  7. I like to set aside clothes for kinder that all match. That way we don't get too many clashing colours. Explaining that there are clothes for special occasions too is important. Though really, they grow so fast - there's not point saving things. In theory as long as they are dressed weather-appropriate and can move and play easily - it shouldn't matter if things clash. Just remember that teachers don't have as much time as Mummys to keep clothes neat or clean! Good luck!

  8. I started laying my clothes out for the week this school year. It feels a bit OCD but saves SO much time in the mornings, which is crucial when your alarm goes off at 5:40!


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