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Currently Obsessed: Fall Favorites

September 16, 2013

I can't even believe it's Monday already.  This weekend flew by.  Flew.  We spent the entire time outside.  The weather here was amazing.  Cool and sunny.  I love fall.  Have you started baking something pumpkin yet?  Decorated with some leaves?  I haven't done shit.  I'm still unpacking.  That's my excuse for at least another year.  I do want a fall wreath.  Our front door is screaming for one.  It's American at it's best and I'm going with it.  

I also haven't gotten my first pumpkin spice latte either.  Shocking right ;)
But all the #PSL all over the place are killing me.  We used to live around the corner from Starbucks and I walked there all the time with the kids.  Having to go out of my way to drive there is taking all the fun out of it for me.  

Tell me about your weekend?  Favorite fall plans?
This shit is funny. And true.

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  1. Can't wait for fall clothes! I am loving that e-card...hilarious. And we live a half mile from Starbucks and we spend way too much time (and money) there. One of the reasons we don't want to move is because we would totally miss our Starbucks ;)

  2. I made some pumpkin spice bars, but it was a mix, so I don't think that really counts. They were amazing, though!

  3. I love all of you fall crushes - the leopard pants are amazing.

    Confession - I really can't get behind the PSL, it just doesn't do it for me. I want it to, but we just do not jive! ;)

  4. Love this roundup. All of the patterns and colors go so beautifully together! Hooray for fall! xo

  5. Yes to PSL, usually when I'm Targeting, just picked up cans of pumpkin yesterday to bake with, and picked up supplies to make fall wreaths with from a Pinterest idea I'm swooning over, who know what mine will actually turn out like-my new house has double doors so I can't reuse any of my wreaths :-(

  6. Love the anthro sweater and driving loafers!! I hate fall so it will be awhile before any decorating or pumpkin baking occurs here ;). I'm still celebrating summer.

  7. Hahah, I had a PS latte this weekend. This time of year, the more pumpkin the better. Yes, you need a wreath.

  8. Loving everything on here, I finally had a PSL last week and it did not disappoint. come to think of it I am going to get one on my way to Charlotte tomorrow:) and I have zero fall decorations out. I only decorate for Christmas.

  9. I love all of this- especially that necklace and handbag! I had my first PSL this weekend while getting a pedicure- it was amazing!

  10. love the jeans!! so me!! I need to try this pumpkin spice latte!!

  11. fabulous outfit! I can really see this on you. I can't wear beiges but other than that,I'll take it all. Possibly changing out the sweater for black.
    xo Nancy

  12. Kate Spade also has a fab pair of leopard skinnies out right now! I had to restrain myself in Nordstrom last week..


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