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September 7, 2013

ISO: Richmond Workroom Recommendation

I'd like to have some roman shades made and I was curious if anyone has a local workroom here in Richmond they'd recommend.  It can be a big operation like the backroom at U-Fab, which I've heard great things about, or just your cousin's neighbor who is a whiz with a sewing machine who likes to earn some extra cash.  Quality is important which is why I'm not going to tackle this project myself.  But time is also an issue so I need someone without a long wait.  Feel free to nominate yourself.


  1. We have a fabulous guy near us that is so good you could do it by email and send him your fabric! he's made lots of Romans for us--if you can't find anyone closer! Have a great weekend!

  2. I have a lady here in Fred that is really good. I don't think she has a wait at all and her prices are pretty good. Its not around the corner for you but maybe on your way to IKEA...

  3. i have a guy i LOVE for my richmond projects! email me

  4. My mom! She lives in Mechanicsville and has done all of my window treatments since college-

  5. Hey Julia, I think I contacted you before when you moved to Richmond. My business name is SewBeIt, and I believe at the time you asked me about pillows for your daughter's room. I have been sewing window treatments and home accessories for 26 years as a home business. I would love to help you with your Roman Shades. I live in Hanover County, but am happy to come to your home to discuss your project.

    I hope we can work together!


  6. I had roman shades made for our bedroom by Bonnie Hodges. She's the best!! Super friendly and she has great ideas. Here's her email: and a peak at my shades if you're curious:


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