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Cardboard Elephant Head for the Playroom

October 14, 2013

 I was too excited about a fun little addition to our playroom to wait until Wednesday to share it with you.  I received my Eyan, Sr. cardboard elephant head from Uncommon Goods a few weeks ago and convinced Matt to help me put him together.  Before selecting Eyan, Sr. I browsed the extensive list of cool stuff that I thought might work in our playroom.  As soon we finished putting him together, which took about an hour total but less than 30 minutes with Matt on the job, I couldn't wait to get him hung! 
Eyan Sr., cardboard elephant head c/o Uncommon Goods

The elephant head is made of 100% recycled cardboard right here in Virginia and comes in a ton of pieces.  If you think the fun starts are placing it on your wall, your wrong.  In fact, they really should list this piece as more of a puzzle or fun activity because of the skill and concentration needed to put it together.  I stared at the laid out pieces and simple directions for about 30 minutes before asking for help.  I'm very spacially challenged so I just couldn't see how the pieces were supposed to form together properly.  Enter a second person.  It became a really fun game for Matt and I to finish!  

Wells and Tagg thought it was really cool and wanted to help put him together.  We had to keep them distracted.  Although the pieces are high quality and sturdy, I wouldn't recommend this activity for toddler.  It would be perfect, however, for older kids!  I also love that this whimsical play on taxidermy is politically correct and fun.  It would be a fun gift for someone who doesn't hunt but also a neat find form someone who does.

It would make such a fun Christmas present!  In fact, Uncommon Goods has so many awesome presents for Dad! I spent a good 30 minutes browsing their awesome lists of gifts under $100 here.  It feels like Chrismas is still really far away, but its not.  I'm trying to start shopping early this year so I don't get hit with a big wham to our bank account come mid-December like we usually do.

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  1. love the elephant! So cute and it looks perfect there! I always try to Christmas shop early and it just never works out. It's the right strategy I think through. I love Uncommon Goods....their things are unique and fun.

  2. Oh I absolutely LOVE him. He has such personality!

  3. Very cute~! I want one for my boys room.

  4. Ps. I LOVE your new picture (upper right). Gorg. mama!

  5. How cool! I love unique wall art!!

  6. I love that! It is super cool.

  7. Very cute! This room is taking an interesting turn and I can't wait to see where we end up!

  8. My jaw dropped when you said you had to assemble him!! Totally worth it though ;)

  9. That is adorable! You have such great taste, Julia. Always enjoy reading your blog.


  10. Very cute! And I love the baskets...will you share the source for those?

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