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Lazy Saturday

October 5, 2013


I'm exhausted today.  Matthew is en route to Starbucks as we type because even he, a non-coffee drinker, needed something good and strong this morning.  And alcohol just felt wrong.  The kids have been sick this week so we haven't gotten much sleep.  And then last night was worse.  We've been up all night.  Literally.  I had a pretty vivid dream about shopping for holiday candles so I know I got some sleep at some point between 3:30 and 5:00am.

I wish I could just stay in cozy clothes and relax on the couch all morning.  So far so good, but Bananas in Pajamas will only hold the babes attention for so long.  How is it that they still have so much energy.  Wells woke up looking and acting like Sleeping Beauty.
Y'all should see the bags under my eyes.  No touche eclat will fix those today.  Just say a little prayer that I stay healthy over here.

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  1. I feel so sorry for you ! Sick kids in the night are a parent's nightmare ! Hang in there, and I hope you don't get sick as well !

    PS I love those striped pants

  2. I want to climb into this picture! Hope you can get some rest, Mama!

  3. Love everything you've picked here! Sounds like you need to shop a little, to help cope with your sick ones. ;) Alcohol is okay this morning - bloody marys! Hope they get well soon, and that y'all don't get it!

  4. Everything in that picture is just dreamy. We are also incredibly sleep deprived over here (hello, 9 month old who doesn't sleep!) and I'm incredibly dependent on Starbucks. Stay well!

  5. Love love love those pj pants! Hope you get a chance to rest.


  6. I love a lazy pj kind of day! I hope everyone gets to feeling better.

  7. I hope you get some sleep soon and that you stay healthy.

  8. There is nothing that says lazy to me like grey on grey on grey. When I get my all grey sweatsuit on I know it's going to be a great day. Rest up and feel better love!

  9. this looks glorious and I seriously need a new pair of slippers!

  10. You must get the Ugg slippers...I even wear mine sometimes for quick Saturday errands (shh!).

  11. I really like all your picks! It looks like the perfect lazy Saturday!



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