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October 1, 2013

October: Favorite Fall Accessories for Home


Wow, October 1st.  September flew by faster than I could possibly imagine.  We've had gorgeous cool sunny days for weeks and I'm still in full fall mode.  I'm really excited about decorating our home for Christmas this year.  Yes, I brought out Christmas.  But back to fall, this weekend I'm going to start bringing in that extra layer of cozy to our rooms.  I like to keep things a bit more sparse when it's hot and layer it back in for the cooler months.  More fabric equals more cozy.
*Sorry for the late post today.  We had a bit of a situation this morning.  You moms know how that goes.  All is well but writing a blog post got put on the back burner* 


  1. Dying over that ottoman! Gorgeous!

  2. I love the camel throw, I could curl up with that, a coffee, and a good book. I love October, and luckily we've gotten some cool temps here in Charleston. Hope all is alright girl.


  3. I love it all, and Im still crazy about ikat, never had any really. Love all the warm fuzzies in your board. Hope youre having a wonderful first fall in your new home!
    xo Nancy

  4. i'm so loving that ikat pillow! xo

  5. i will take one of each, but I really want a Hermes blanket or pillow and I am sure that will happen never!

  6. Oh I know mornings like that for sure. Hopefully the rest of the day turned out OK. Love that ottoman btw!

  7. I need that ottoman for our basement and I need to get my fall candle already!


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