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October 25, 2013

What's in my everyday car bag?

 What's in my car bag?

I have to say we are officially over the diaper bag hump in our house!  Not because we're off diapers.  We're just able to go inside Target without the full arsenal under my arms.  I've begun carrying smaller bags again.  The catch?  I keep a fully stocked everyday bag in my car.  It's full of the essentials that we inevitably need all the time still.  

I had been using a good sturdy canvas tote for this purpose, but after just a few months it began to look a bit worse for the wear.  One too many smooshed applesauce pouches and dirty pants made it's way to the bottom with no real way to clean it.

So when my girl Lauren at Hayden Reis sent me an email a few months ago introducing me to their bright colorful bags made entirely of sail cloth I was intrigued.  When my sea turtle middy bag arrived I knew I had a new winner.  Leaky soy milk bottle?  blown out diaper?  No problem.  I just wipe it out with a baby wipe on the spot and every so often with a clorox wipe!

I'm excited to transition this bag to our pool bag next summer.  It's so sturdy and lined with interior pockets that will be perfect for lotions and potions and goggles and my keys.

And just for you sweet readers Hayden Reis has kindly extended 15% off and free shipping through the end of the month.  Just provide code PAWLEYSPOSH at checkout!



  1. Such a cute little bag!!! This reminds me of that commercial where the mom has a storage bin full of backup clothes in her car bc her son keeps throwing his clothes out the window. I mean, I don't have a child yet, but I'm sure I will need a car bag. xoxo

  2. Pretty bag! I have a big plastic box in my car that I refer to as my Emergency Car Kit, and boy it has served me on numerous occasions!! I also have a diaper bag, but that honestly doesn't get used...Anf of course, the beloved Longchamp.

  3. What is that lipgloss color? And what's that green stick?? Yes, lollies are a must around these parts :-) too! Do those cups leak at all, and if not, what brand are they? About to start sippy cups with #2 and may want to change from good ole Playtex I use with #1. Mom dilemmas!

  4. I keep a black Muji pouch in my bag with one diaper for each kid, wipes, bibs and disposable changing pad in my purse. Then I keep a medium LL Bean tote in my car with extra diapers, wipes, snacks, etc. I feel bad when I see new moms carrying so much stuff in a huge diaper bag around with them!


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