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November 25, 2013

Currently Obsessed: Glam for the Holidays


First of all, I want to give a big shout out to one of my best girls Natalie who is having a BABY today!!!  Big hugs and prayers for a safe delivery for your baby girl!  I can't wait to see pictures of Sterling snuggling on his baby sister!

Thanksgiving is in just three days and I feel like the holidays are officially upon us!  I am so ready this year.  Last year I felt underwhelmed.  Or maybe overwhelmed is a better description.  Tagg was starting the road into the physical therapy, Wells was beginning to potty train and drop naps, we didn't feel very settled in our home situation, and I was just plain tired.  Neither babe was really old enough to understand the magic of the holidays and I was more concerned with them bringing down the Christmas tree than noticing if it was properly trimmed.  

The year before that was even more tumultuous with Matthew in a fairly new job, a one year old running loose and me pregnant and about to have Tagg at any moment.  I was too large and pregnant to enjoy much of anything festive.  Tagg was riding high and causing a full stomach (despite my hunger) and heartburn so a Thanksgiving feast wasn't in the game plan.  I had to stay behind while Matthew traveled with Wells to visit his family for Christmas because I was on strict doctors orders not to be more than 15 minutes from the hospital in case I went into labor.  And then there was the thought of un-decorating with a one and a half year old + brand new baby.  No thanks.

This year?  Tinsel time.

Y'all, I am getting my glam on for next six weeks.  Consider yourself warned!



  1. That Gramercy Anthro dress and the Kate Spade glitter shoes are at the top of my list too! Just found your blog via twitter - love it!

  2. PS - Natalie is having her baby TODAY??! Yay! I must have missed that when I was looking at all the fun fashion! ;-) Forgot to leave my site: xx

  3. I adore every single item. That mug has been on my mind for a while. And I love the brocade dress.

  4. You deserve it! I can't wait to see all your fun holiday posts (and get some inspiration)!

  5. umm I'll take it all! gorgeous picks!

  6. They have that Nest candle at the Pure Barre studio I go to. Everyone goes NUTS over it and the store they purchased it from is now completely sold out. Luckily I scored one at another shop in town yesterday. It's the best!

  7. Love the dress!!! So pretty! I feel this is a NEED! :)


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