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November 25, 2013

Destination Nursery Needs Your Help

Hey there.  I wanted to say thank you again for all of your support a few months ago when you showed in en mass to vote for me in the Project Nursery Dream Kids Makeover.  I find it most appropriate that we are finalizing details and making plans in the weeks before Thanksgiving.  I am so thankful for this gift.  I am so thankful for this opportunity.  Wells is so excited about her new room.  So much more so than I imagined back in August when we started this adventure.  Our room is scheduled to get it's big makeover during the first week of December!

Wells was born with a bit of a rough start and I am so thankful that we can give her this room to blossom and settle into for a long time.  She was born with craniosynostosis and underwent several reconstructive surgeries on her skull all within the first eight months of her life starting at just a few weeks old.  We moved three times in her three years.  She's had four different bedrooms in that same time.  She's rolled with it and adjusted.  Is there more to the story than what I share here publicly?  Yes, of course. But this isn't meant to be a pity party.  Just a little explanation for why this little lady is going to be rock this new room!

We have had a few angels looking out for us the past several years that have played a major hand in getting us where we are today.  Most recently,Tana from Destination Nursery.   She is one special lady and the woman who is helping us make Wells' big girl room dreams come true.She's pretty much amazing.  She's a mom of five so you can say this isn't most definitely not her first rodeo.  She knows how much a special room can mean for new moms.  And she's made it her mission to help as many moms gain a fabulous dream room to spend time in with their babes.

I've never solicited anything (other than votes for this very same makeover) of y'all before and I don't take this platform lightly.  But if you'd like to help make this dream come true for many more moms, please think about contributing a small donation to help Tana make over as many rooms as she can.  She's had tremendous success working with large companies like Serena &Lily and convincing them to donate their goods for such a cool cause.  But she is a one woman show donating her time.  Like many of us, she doesn't have unlimited funding or a private jet.  Every small donation will help Tana's mission come true to fly to each make-over recipients home and help first hand build a special room for their children.

You can donate here through FundMe.  Tana lists many more details on the site.  In return you will get a printable copy of the animal art prints found in her daughter's room makeover below.  You also get to feel good as that you are helping to make someone's design dreams come true.

Another option, ideal for a small business, is to sponsor part of the makeover.  You get a promoted product placement in the room that will be published and promoted across many blogs and social media channels.  What a tremendous marketing option!  There is another make-overs scheduled for December along with mine so please click on the link here if you'd like to be a part of this.


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