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November 22, 2013

Five On Friday + J.Crew Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Friday Friends!  I've been saying for months now that I was going to start doing Five for Friday posts and I honestly never can seem to come up with five things.  Well today, I've got it for you!  I hope everyone has a great last weekend before the holidays get really geared up!  I'm even going to be linking up with some of my favorite new bloggers for the official FIVE ON FRIDAY so be sure to check out the fun here or here.

1.  J.Crew Holiday Gift Guide
Have y'all seen the J.Crew Holiday Gift Guide?  I'm in love with so much of it. They have it color categorized which you know I adore.  It's quite the long list so I've rounded up my top picks for you!

I have seriously been living in these jeans again this fall.  I've been trying jeans on left and right lately and I can't find anything I love as much.  Is it bad to order the exact same pair?

3.  Favorite Fall Weekend Look.
We're headed to the cabin this weekend and this is still my favorite fall look.  A little bit classic weekender, a litter bit country casual, and a little bit glam.
Shop the look
4.  Photography Sessions
I'm so grateful to be so busy with photography lately and am going to promise to do better about sharing sessions here with y'all.  Even if you live half-way across the country, maybe it can help inspire you to go capture your family just the way it is today.  Don't wait.  Years from now you won't care that you didn't have the perfect outfits or fresh highlights.  

5. Long Light Brown Hair 
You may have noticed from instagram but I'm officially growing my hair out.  I've also been taking it lighter.  I just never loved the super dark brunette look I sported this summer.  It required too much make-up to look right.  I'm liking the softer look of dark blonde which always reads brunette on me.  And as much as I try to get away from long hair, I just love it.  I like my hair pulled back so pony tails and top knots don't scare me.  And it's fun to change it up and wear it down straight or wavy.  Short hair just isn't as versatile and requires too much morning maintenance.  Although the cute ladies who run carpool probably wish I would do just a smidge of self- maintenance before driving through their line.  Please tell me y'all wait until after drop off to get ready for the day? 



  1. Such a great post! I love your J.Crew picks and feel the same way about those exact jeans! I actually bought myself a 2nd pair when they were on sale at Nordstrom a few weeks ago because every time I went to put on an older (different) pair of jeans, I'd find myself digging around the dirty laundry to get my Rag & Bone ones instead! Keep sharing your pics - they do inspire me! Have a great weekend in the mountains!

  2. Gahhh! That J.Crew Gift Guide is so, SO good! The ceramic jewelry tray must come to live with me. I love your cabin chic look... living in Asheville, that's pretty much my uniform! And you have completely convinced me that I need a pair of those Rag & Bone jeans. I love that the waist sits a little higher... mama needs something to wrangle the muffin top!

  3. Those ladies who run carpool have nothing on you! Your face is gorgeous so your hair looks amazing puled back. I agree, can't get away from long hair. (and I'm probably old enough to be your mother, ha) I've tried going darker and it throws my entire wardrobe and make-up off. Crazy how hair color does that.

  4. I never get ready until after morning drop off, and we walk to school. Luckily most of the other walking moms do the same thing. :)

  5. I'm so happy your posting your gorgeous photography again! Rag and Bone and Barbour are my uniform, and clearly I love long hair so I'm all about what your proposing.

  6. I just recently went light brunette and I'm doing balayage highlights next month- sort of like that pic! LOVE all your style and wishlists picks by the way and your the 50th person to recommend Rag & Bone jeans so I'm guessing I'll need to save up and splurge!

  7. I posted about the J.Crew gift guide too! So many great pieces on it..I can't stop staring! Jeans and a barbour used to be my uniform in Virginia. It's a bit colder in NYC so I've adjusted to a long coat and jeans uniform.

  8. You have SUCH talent behind the lens. What special family photographs those are!

  9. BEAUTIFUL photos! Love your style! And love JCrew, all of the time!

  10. Loving that hair color too. I just started going darker from being very blonde. My stylist calls the look I want Bronde......very similar. Stopping by from 5 on Friday.

  11. Love jcrew. Their pants fit like a dream. Happy weekend!

  12. Love that you captured Tiffany and beautiful Audrey!!!! Love them!

  13. YES to everything on your J.Crew list! Especially those flannel PJs, I can tell you, if you are on the fence, I am wearing them right now and they are awesome :P

    jess | Quaintrelle

  14. I might need to try those jeans. I've been on a search for a new pair this fall. I love everything on that Jcrew gift guide- if only I could afford to buy it all!!


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