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November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Y'all asked and I answered.  Here are my top five picks for creative Thanksgiving side dishes.  We're actually having our first Thanksgiving dinner tonight here in the mountains.  So perfect and festive.  The only thing better would to be in Plymouth. 

What's your favorite dish to make or eat? 

Mine is the corn casserole my husband makes.  I promise to share the recipe soon!  You can catch pictures of our feast on instagram and I might even share the recipe on there for you if I can wrangle it out of Matthew.



  1. The spinach and feta potato gratin looks amazing!! I will be trying that recipe out! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. my mouth is water...the sides are my favorite part! Since we're traveling to London this weekend, we are having Thanksgiving next weekend with my family. I'll need to make some of these!

  3. Okay...I LOVE cornbread- but with apple and sausage!? That just takes it to a whole other level!

  4. those are some pretty spectacular sides!



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