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December 31, 2013

Perfect Recipes for a New Years Day Brunch + NYE Links

One of the hardest parts of dealing with my kids' food allergies has been the loss of my favorite meal: Brunch.  A cross between breakfast and lunch, brunch is my favorite meal of the day.  

In the early morning I prefer coffee in my p.j.'s.  Brunch gives you a chance to blow dry your hair.  You can enjoy morning food without the rush but still be finished by early afternoon.

No eggs.  No dairy.  Read: no butter, no cream, no milk, no cheese.  No Pork.  No bagels, danishes, or donuts.  No pancakes or french toast.  No rice takes away grits and half of the cereals out there.  But no worries, I've left y'all with the most delicious ideas for your own brunch.  Just be sure to tag me on instagram if you make any of these brunch recipes so I can oogle your yums!

So tell me all your big plans!  What are you doing to celebrate the beginning of 2014 tonight?


Be sure to check out:

2. //  I'm in love with this dress and this dress for NYE //
3. //  My girl Mallory planned a fab Champagne Brunch //
4. //  I'm in love with this rustic New Years Eve Party with instructions for a $1 party favor mug //
5. //  Even though we don't have big plans for tonight, I still plan on popping some bubbly.  This blackberry & thyme champagne cocktail sounds like the perfect drink //
6. // Cute Sparklers Printables //



  1. Yummers! My husband and I just said that we're taking the kids to brunch after morning naps this morning :-) And I recently discovered my youngest has food allergies, but apparently he tolerates a lot cooked because I never knew it! We'll be heading to a family friend's party down here in Amelia-I'm already dreading tomorrow morning! Happy Early New Year! Can't wait to start 2014 and see what it holds in store, 2013 was very chaotic for us :-)

  2. brunch is probably my favorite meal too...these recipes look delicious, especially the croissants

  3. Brunch is my favorite meal as well and I'm sad that you can't enjoy it with your sweet kids! Between this post and yesterday's, you're making me wish that I had company staying this New Year's Eve and Day! Happy 2014!

  4. Thanks for including my brunch! This looks so yummy! Brunch is def my favorite meal!


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