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Whirlwind Week

December 12, 2013

Y'all.  I have had a whirlwind week. That actually feels like an understatement.

We had our big install in Wells' big girl room with Destination Nursery | Moms Best Network.  Tana was so amazing and she just swooped in and created a dream room!  I couldn't be more happy with the items from Serena and Lily

And how amazing is the custom artwork Hello Tosha created for us?  The silhouette makes me so happy and You are my sunshine is Wells' favorite song right now.  I can't wait to have her make some things for Tagg's room next. 

Huger Embroidery here in Richmond monogrammed our sham for us and it looks amazing!  Richmond friends, she does beautiful embroidery, you must check it out!

I couldn't be more smitten with her new Collette the Cat and pillow from Bla Bla kids!

I found these two amazing dresses at Banana Republic. I always forget about that store but then find so many things when I do go back in to look around.  I bought the black dress but was equally in love with the stripes.
I had so much fun with my girls Caycee and Chassity on Saturday night.  I got to squeeze on several more friends while I was in town too!  Such fun!

 I discovered two new favorite shops!  South of Market on Meeting Street was divine!  A must see downtown.  Matthew and I could pretty much move right in!
 Lots of good eats, of course.

 Another fun shop, Eclectic, was just over in Mt. Pleasant and I'm so glad I stopped in!  The owner, Sidney, is just too cute for words and she was so sweet to let me look around and take pictures to share with y'all!  Everything is so fun and unique!  And how perfect is that sweetgrass basket full of oyster shells.  Our coffee table needs that asap!

 I'm exhausted friends.  What a crazy week we've had.  Ending with Tagg not sleeping last night.  Back to reality today!

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  1. you are a life sized barbie Doll!!!

  2. looks so fun! glad you had a great time! you are smoking btdubs

  3. The room is so beautiful!! Can't wait to see more! And those interior design stores seem amazing. How nice that you got to hang out with Chassity!

  4. I am so envious. I want to go to Charleston soon.

  5. The room is looking sooooo gorgeous! And that striped dress looks AMAZING on you!

  6. I love the wallpaper in Wells' room! Do you remember where it came from?
    ~Sarah @ 702 Park Project

  7. I love your shirt!!! Where did you find it? (leopard print)

  8. Hope you can get some sleep soon. You look AMAZING in both those BR dresses!

  9. Love both of those BR dresses...super cute! I may have to get that stripe one! But then I forget that it's so darn cold outside... :) Wells' room looks fantastic!



  10. I'm living vicariously through you with your trip to Chas! Our trips have been slim lately :-( Love that bowls of oyster shells, I collect them and always put them in apothecary jars but I like this idea! Love her room, will get you far :-)

  11. I am so glad you got the black dress! I meant to comment on that on instagram! I think that was definitely the right choice. Looks awesome on you! What a fun week!

  12. Was so bummed we couldn't grab a quick coffee? I even had a birthday sunrise for you :( keep my number handy for your next visit?

  13. Sursie not sunrise. Darn spellcheck.

  14. Wells' room looks absolutely perfect! Love the dresses. You are so skinny!

    Peninsula Grill brings back memories...I met my mother in-law for the first time over dinner there -12 years ago -wow!

  15. Her room!!!! Wells' happy face says it all. And if you don't move into that store, I am :)

  16. Congrats on the nursery! It looks so fabulous, I love that wallpaper! So much going on! I loved your IG pics and hope your journey to Christmas in your new home is wonderful. xo Nancy


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