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Big Boy Room Ideas

January 10, 2014

I know y'all are still waiting patiently to see Wells' Big Girl Room so it may seem pre-mature to start talking about Tagg's Big Boy Room.  But when you have babies 17 months apart, this happens.  We bought a second crib for Tagg so that Wells' transition would happen exactly when she was ready, regardless of her brother's arrival or sleep habits.  I'm glad we waited the extra few months until after she was two.  She was ready and the transition was seamless. 

How did we know she was ready?  Her perfect 7pm-7am sleep schedule was being interrupted almost nightly by screaming and crying and lots of rolling around.  She just couldn't get comfortable.  We knew it was time.  I was incredibly worried the whole thing would be a debacle.  But she did great.  She slept even better in her big girl bed.

Now on to Tagg.  He's been a bit of a wild card in the sleep department, to say the least.  He was right on target with Wells as an infant and started sleeping through the night around 4 months.  This all went out the window when he was 10 months old and got a terrible stomach virus and had to be hospitalized for three nights.  Poor baby was sick, and hungry.  And decided he very much liked sleeping next to his momma.

While we're not quite ready for the big move out of the crib I've decided to proactively start thinking about his big boy room.  I do better working on things slowly with a plan.  I make better purchases this way.  I want something classic and preppy with just a little bit of woodsy thrown in to keep it from being too sweet.

We haven't currently done much to his room since we moved in because I knew this transition was coming.  So we'll be keeping the freshly painted BM Classic Gray walls and existing dresser and changing table.  I want to add in navy buffalo check.  Because I love it.  Roman Shades in lieu of panels.  And lots of ways to monogram. 

What do you think?  When did you move your babes out of a crib?  Did you transition them with a toddler bed or convert your crib or go straight for a big bed?  What size?  I'd love to do a queen for him, but we already have a twin frame available so that's what we'll use I think.  And there is something so precious about a little one in a twin bed.

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  1. Love these pictures (and buffalo check). We are transitioning my boys to the same room currently. My littlest guy has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for the past year (although the crib was still around, he just climbed out every night). We just put them in twin beds (our bedrooms are little) and have sooo much farther to go (painting this weekend). I'm so jealous your babes slept through the night at four months - it took both of mine 14 months - and my 3 year old still sneaks in our room nightly for snuggles :).

  2. I love the direction you want to go in...classic and elegant and timeless really. Can't wait to see it start coming together.

  3. I am thinking about transitioning Owen to his toddler bed so this post is just what I needed to read for some idea! Love all the pics. I am going to convert his crib to a toddler bed. And I am thinking navy and white. But thats all I have in my head right now. I need to get on it!

  4. Love the big boy room idea with buffalo check. I'm working on it for my 3rd child's nursery but can't find a good navy check fabric! Will you post if you find a good one. All of the one's I've found are two royal instead of navy.

  5. I kind of feel like you're my style soul mate. I just really love everything you're doing right now and all the inspiration. I love all the rooms with lots of bold colors, but I don't think that's the way I could actually live. You're doing a great job of neutral with color accents, etc. That navy buffalo check is awesome, but so is that green bedding you posted.

    I obviously have no personal experience, but I think I would go straight to a big boy bed and not a toddler bed (unless his crib is easily converted into a toddler bed.) I nannied for a family who went from crib to toddler bed and while it was nice/safe that it was close to the floor, it would have been more fun to read naptime/bedtime stories snuggled up in bed together.

  6. The first picture you posted is one of my all-time favorites. I'm going to have a navy room in my house whether there's a little boy in our future or not - it's a must!

    Blaire is almost two and a half and is still in her crib. She sleeps great so I don't want to rock the boat. She slept in a twin bed with rails (wild sleeper) at my parents' house for Christmas and did okay but I'm not going to move her at home until the crib becomes a problem. I'm thinking of putting her in a queen size bed because we have one on hand and her room can accomodate it but I do agree a twin is so precious!

  7. No kiddos here so I'm not much help...but I'm sure you will know when it's time! On the other hand I'm loving all of your inspiration here! Can't wait to see what you decide!

  8. Tagg is the same age as my daughter and I am wondering when I should transition too. She sleeps well in her crib but I don't want to wait too long and make the transition even harder. We have a full bed ready and waiting from my grandmother

    1. So that's what she'll be sleeping in once we decide to move her!

  9. Love the buffalo check! It's hard to believe he's ready for his "big boy room"! You should so do an antelope rug!!

  10. Umm you know how much I love twin beds and monograms :) Cant wait to see your magic!

  11. Love that secretary! My lil guy was a little over 2.5 when we moved him into twin beds, his has railings on each side of his. We too bought a 2nd crib because he wasn't quite ready when #2 came along. I didn't do toddler bed/conversion crib to bed/etc. I just wanted one transition. We found great options at Havertys of all places. Quilts at PB, sheets at PB Kids, artwork on Etsy, Cape Cod trip, etc. Vintage nautical I guess. Excited to see your kids rooms! Hanging artwork up this weekend :-)

  12. Oh my goodness..that little boy in the one photo with matching twin beds looks kinda like Tagg! That is one of my faves of the pics, although I think the curtains look a little pink? I do love a guy in pink, but not sure about pink in his room, ha! It may just be the lighting and looks like it might be seersucker, which I would be all for! Also love the firetruck in the one pic!

  13. We moved the girls to their big girl beds (the old beds that my sister and I slept in) after their second birthday. We added a safety rail (you can get them at target) to the bed for the first few months just in case but both of them transitioned really well. We tried to make it an exciting 'wow you are so big this is so cool you get to sleep in a big girl bed' thing. Good luck with the transition and I love the inspiration pictures.

  14. Did you see that Serena & Lilly has their navy gingham bedding on sale right now?

  15. I love twin beds in a kids rooms- the navy and monogram sounds perfect! Can't wait to see what you do with it!


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