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January 24, 2014

Five For Friday

Welcome to Friday my friends!  This has been the longest week ever.  Wells' school was closed all week because of the weather and the snow has kept us home bound for days.  I literally haven't left my house since early Tuesday morning.  I need to get over my fear of driving in ice.  It's going to be a long few weeks otherwise.


1.  Wells' Dream Room Makeover Reveal
We finally went live on Wells' big Serena & Lily Dream Room Makeover.  I showed you a snippet here but you can find the full reveal on Destination Nursery.  We are so over the moon in love with this room and will cherish the memories of how it came about forever.  This was also the first time we've had any professional photographs taken of our family.  You know what they say about the cobblers son...

2. Serena & Lily's Kids Hanna Andersson Pajamas On Sale
These are the best pajamas!  I always buy the two pieces for my kids because it stretches the the amount of time they can wear them just a bit longer.  The quality is amazing and they really hold up well for hand-me downs.

3. Painted the kitchen in Edgecomb Gray
After discussing my fear of decorating commitments and lack of interest in actually doing anything myself I seized the day and painted my kitchen.  I went with Edgecomb Gray and after sitting with it for a few days, I love it.  It really helps to bring our kitchen one step closer to being finished.

4.  Nordstrom Beauty Event
Too much dry heat is making my skin less that desirable lately.  I'm thinking about warmer days and pretty makeup.  Nordstrom is having a fun on-line only promotion right now with a bounty of fun samples.  You can see my must-have make-up picks here and my favorite skin care here.  Now is the time to order so you can take advantage of some free goodies.

5.  Sneak Peek of Tagg's Nursery
Tagg is about this close to moving in to a big bed so I thought it was time I show you what his room looks like now.  It's not a "finished" final reveal but I know so many of you are living with unfinished rooms yourself.  Tagg was 1.5 when we moved in to our new house so I knew it was silly to spend any money on finishing it off as a nursery.  I'm waiting until his big bed is in place and the room layout and function are established before adding in things like window treatments or hanging pictures.  But that doesn't make this space any less real.  I will show y'all the rest next week.  I promise.

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  1. Your daughter's room looks absolutely lovely and I'm impressed that you already started painting your kitchen and working on your son's room! I'm scared of driving on ice too, and I think for good reason! Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend. :)

  2. Wells' room is adorable. It's like a mini adult room. I love that you went with traditional furniture. This is a room that will never go out of style.

  3. You've had a huge week even with being stuck at home. LOVE the kitchen! Happy weekend!

  4. Love her room! And can't wait to see Tagg's! I was so scared to drive with ice at first...thank God I ended up getting a car with a snow setting! With this crazy weather, I don't have an option but to drive anymore:(

  5. SUCH a sweet big girl room! Those pictures are a treasure.
    Cannot wait to see more nursery pics!!! xx

  6. We've been stuck home all week too and I'm going nuts! Still can't get over how gorgeous Wells' room is. Can't wait to see Taggs! Love the edgecomb gray- so glad you pulled the trigger and painted.

  7. Love Wells' big girl room! It's so soft and feminine. The kitchen looks great - that's totally the color I would have gone with. Can't wait to see Tagg's room. Did you buy that basket or paint/dip it yourself? I'm looking for some big baskets like that and that one would be perfect!

  8. The room is just stunning and I cannot wait to see Tagg's room! I've been trying to put together a nursery but I'm lacking inspiration (despite all my interesting). I LOVE Hanna pjs - as do my boys. You are completely right they hold up so well (I put my 3 year old in size 5 and my 6 year old in size 8 - they will wear them for years). The kitchen looks great! Paint really does make everything feel new again. Have a great weekend!

  9. Beautiful big girls room! Love how cozy and calm it looks! Have a fabulous weekend!

  10. I am in LOVE with the bedroom redo!! I found your blog from Five on Friday and I am looking forward to following along. I hope you will come on over to our territory as well and follow! And thanks for the paint color... love it. Happy Friday!


  11. Wells' room is so deliciously feminine and sweet without being over the top. Perfect. Just beautiful!

    And GO YOU on that kitchen painting! Trust me, I know how hard it can be to just pull the trigger, but the fact that you just went for it is so inspiring! Maybe that will help me get through the long list of home to-dos that I have building...

    Thanks for linking up with us Julia!

  12. Hanna Anderson pajamas are the CUTEST..the boys I nannied for in Charlottesville always wore them!

    I am in need of a few makeup basics and might need to order now to take advantage of that Nordstrom special!

  13. love love love wells' room. So sweet and relaxing!

  14. Love her room!! So adorable :) Just found your blog and love it

  15. I am going to bite the bullet and get some new skin care stuff too. Getting older is tough on the skin. YIKES! I love the new room and hope Wells loves it too. Hanna Andersson PJs are the best. Happy Friday to you!

  16. Hanna andersson Jammie's are a staple in our house too.

    Happy Friday!

  17. Love love love Well's looks so gorgeous! And the kitchen in Edgecomb gray is perfection!

  18. Your daughter's room is so sweet! I would jump on those S&L pj's but my kiddos are already stuffed to the brim on their pj drawers...due to Christmas and

  19. {visiting from the link up} Lovely room!! Happy fresh new week :)

  20. Love the Edgecomb gray! Good luck with the big bed transition and all you have going on! Have a great week. xo Nancy


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