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January 29, 2014

Let's Chat: Sara from A DOSE OF PRETTY

Is everyone staying warm enough this morning? I am so freaking over this cold snow.  Let's all grab a cup of coffee and tie our kids down in front of Princess Sofia and enjoy the second installment of my new series, Let's Chat.

I'm so excited to welcome Sara Mueller, author of A DOSE OF PRETTY, here today to chat with us about some of her favorite things.  Sara is a wife and mother currently living in North Carolina.  In addition to blogging, Sara has a blossoming graphic design business.  She also has a killer eye for styling.

Q. SELF OR SPACE are you more drawn to fashion or interior design? 

A. I am definitely passionate about both. Fashion was more of my thing in my younger years. I think it's easier for me to decide on clothing and shoes then to choose furniture. It's so much easier to commit to fashion as it's easier to replace a coat or a pair of shoes, but furniture once you make the decision and buy the piece, you are kind of stuck it with for a while. Interior design is a slower process where often times I need to be patient to find the right piece and unfortunately, patience isn't my biggest virtue.


A. This fluctuates a bit. It depends on my mood and most of the time it really depends where my focus is going. I'm currently in the process of adding a few pieces to our master bedroom and because a lot of my energy is going into it, it's becoming my favorite room.


A. I love dressing up, but working from home and taking care of the kids, doesn't really allow me to. I guess I could, but wearing heels in the house isn't my thing. I tend to gravitate towards jeans. I love comfy with a dressed up feel - jeans, a tee or pullover, a pretty necklace, and a pair of loafers or ballet flats, like you are seeing in the pictures. And my messy ponytail is sort of becoming my signature look. Occasionally, I feel the need to wear heels and do my hair, and so I do, even if I'm only going to the grocery store.


A. I recently fell in love with the work of Kate Long Stevenson. I was hoping to add this piece from her to our master bedroom, but sadly it sold out. And for a fashion designer, my favorite is Chanel, but I love Louis Vuitton, Hermes, YSL, and Valentino as well. My go-to easy on the wallet is J.Crew and Zara and I try to mix high-end pieces {I don't really have many} with those brands. 


A. Lately, it's Chanel beauty products. I can't get enough. They are worth the splurge! This year one of my goals is to take better care of my skin and I have decided that I need to be excited about the products in order to use them. If I'm not excited about them, they tend to sit on my bathroom shelf untouched. I am choosing well even if it means I'll pay more. As my 35th birthday approaches, I am definitely making an effort to age gracefully - body and mind. 

Thank you for having me Julia!

all images by Sara Mueller


  1. Love Sara and her blog. You're right, she has such an eye for design and styling. I may have to splurge on a few Chanel beauty products myself! Gorgeous feature.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE Sarah!!! I just want to pack her up and move her in with me for a week, and maybe talk her into making me her cute heart pies ;) Great feature girl! xoxo

  3. Thank you so much for having me Julia! It was so much fun to put this post together!

  4. Love Sara and her amazing style.

  5. I love, love, love Sara. Not only is she an incredibly stylish lady and talented graphic/blog designer, she is a sweetheart and a true friend.

  6. Arghgh!! Sara's style is just so pretty! I just love her! Great post :) xo

  7. She is just darling...loved getting a peak into her home! She definitely has some serious style!

  8. I love Sara and her cute, cute blog! She always has such an eye for design and style!

  9. So in love with that sweater!

  10. The article was great, thank you. Please find out where her sweater came from.


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