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January 21, 2014

The kitchen is one probably my favorite room in our new house. It's located in the front corner so it's flooded with light.  I'm a big fan of the all white kitchen but I don't mind our black counter tops.  This room needs just a few more finishing touches and then I'll be ready to call it finished for now.  You know there is always a phase 2.

I would love to know some of your thoughts on painting the kitchen.  Really just this long narrow wall needs to be painted as we will leave the cabinetry and brick wall white.  I also am thinking about painting the back splash wall in the same white as the cabinets because we're not quite ready to upgrade to a tile yet. 

Top three paint contenders

We all like to see the big before pictures right.  So here was the way the kitchen looked after a good solid scrubbing but before anything else had been worked on in here.  A really great jumping off point.  Not too terrible at all.

And we all love a true before shot of any space that's getting made over.  Here is the kitchen exactly as we saw it when we bought it.  The owner was so kind (drama story for another day) as to remove the kitchen island, the light fixture above the island, the microwave/range, the plantation shutters, and the refrigerator a few days before closing.  It was a blessing in disguise because it's forced us to update some things in here that may have sat on the back burner for a few more years.

1. New Range Hood
2. Sand, Prime, and Paint backsplash wall
3. Select new hardware for cabinet pulls
4. Paint front wall (top three choices are 1. BM EDGECOMB GRAY 2. BM LANCASTER WHITEWASH 3. BM TAPESTRY BEIGE)
4. Select fabric for roman shades (sheer natural colored linen?)
5. Replace chair rail along the front wall. (Had to remove it to install the refrigerator)
6. Select light fixture.  There is currently a light fixture missing from the middle of the room with dangling wires.  I'd love a lantern here.
7. Replace/build island
8. Add outlet covers to back splash wall
9. Prime and paint new shelving inside the cabinets

PHASE 2 (five year plan)
New countertops (black granite)
White subway tile for back splash
New sink
New appliances
New cabinets?

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  1. Oh this is going to be so so good!!! Such great light and bones already!! And gimme that painting in that gold frame............i die!!!

  2. Great bones and light to work with.
    I tried BM Tapestry Beige for our den/playroom but it has a lot of lima bean green in it…ended up with Grant Beige. Have you looked at BM Natural Cream? I feel like it's similar but without the limey green undertone...

  3. I am so upset for you about the previous owner's post-sale modifications!! THE ISLAND?!?! That's so irritating-- it matches the cabinet countertops! And I'm a lawyer and now I'm researching fixtures, this is ridiculous. Did you have any other missing items?

  4. OMG Julia is SO SO good. Nice work. I especially love all the art :)

  5. Very cute kitchen! I love all the white and how inviting it is.

  6. What a great space to work with!! We use Lancaster whitewash on almost all of our projects but I always cut it in 1/2. It tends to get too yellow for me. Love edgecomb...have you looked @revere pewter? Cant wait to see it done!!

  7. I am loving what you are doing with your kitchen so far! I love all the white. It is so light and airy!

  8. I think it's looking great! I like how you're working in phases too!

  9. What a beautiful, bright kitchen! The modifications you've already made are awesome and your plans for the space sound great. I cannot believe the owner took those items out. I can't wait to hear that story!

  10. Annoying as it must have been, your kitchen looks much better without that cutesy island. What you have there now fits your more polished taste. I vote edge comb grey. -Caitlin

  11. I can't say I hate the all white... that room is seriously so pretty! I love even just the little tweaks you've done so far. I know you are sharing piece by piece but I can't help but want to see your whole house tour ASAP! Invite me over! : )

  12. They took the island?!! What on earth! I vote Edgecomb Gray. We had Landcaster Whitwash throughout our home when we bought it. It cast a Limey green shadow at certain times of the day. It might look dingy against ur crisp white cabinets. Now we don't get a ton of light so that might have been our problem!! Good luck. It's an adorable space!! And I love that brick wall!!

  13. I have white cabinets and black granite countertops and used Benjamin Moore Moonshine at 50%! It looks great!! Love your kitchen!

  14. Love the game plan and progress so far. That brick wall is a great feature and you're so lucky to have so much great light! When it comes to color I always lean towards the Edgecomb Gray, but that Lancaster Whitewash is soft on the eyes. That's a tough choice!

  15. I love where this kitchen is headed! And I agree with another commenter who said it was a blessing that the former owners too the island, good riddance! I like the edge comb gray or the tapestry beige for the walls, nice and crisp. also like the idea of white for the backsplash area… how about using a beadboard style, paintable wallpaper on the backsplash and paint that white??? Would give you the look of a real backsplash without the cost.

  16. I vote Edgecomb Gray. Question regarding the microwave - did you have one in another spot or are you going without? I am trying to convince my husband to take ours out to install a range hood, but for some reason he cannot imagine life without a microwave! Excited to see how things progress with the kitchen!

  17. It's lovely as-is Julia...any more is just icing on the cake.

  18. I love all the little touches in the space-- the kids artwork, your KitchenAid being utilized as a bookend, the copper teapot. Even without upgrades, you have made the space yours! Can't wait to see a fab lantern and some fresh paint on the walls!

  19. Julia, whatever you touch turns to gold ... it seriously is looking fantastic!

    Now, let me pick my jaw up off the floor that they stripped out the island and the plantation shutters -- what what?!

  20. How were they allowed to rip up all the stuff right before closing?!?! That would not fly in Maryland- what's attached to the house when you sell it goes with- appliances, shutters, lighting, drapes etc!! Wow!
    Your kitchen is already gorgeous- you have done such a good job with it- white cabinets are my favorite and that painting by the range- love. Love where you're heading with the kitchen- edgecomb gray is one of my favorites.

  21. Wooo hoo! The kitchen already looks so much brighter! I love how you are breaking it down into phases! I need to do that with our redecorating plan!!! Thanks for inspiring me to be more organized!! xoxo

  22. I love the white & black contrast and the brick wall! I have no doubt it'll look fabulous regardless of which color you choose, you have amazing style.

  23. Your kitchen looks amazing. I love the kids art and how it really stands out. You have the perfect balance of stunning and real life.

  24. Bright and white, I love it. And this should come as no surprise you I'm sure, but you are a really talented photographer. Love your eye!

  25. What a fabulous space and LOVE LOVE LOVE the light in there. I'd choose edgewater gray! The brick texture and all youve got to work with are pretty great already! Just cosmetic fixes! Best of luck with the project. I know it'll be as fabulous as everything you do! xo Nancy

  26. Julia,

    Did you replace the hardwood floors in the kitchen? If so, what wood/finish are they? They look amazing!

  27. Its looking so bright and airy already? I actually like it painted all white, including all the walls and backsplash. Your accessories and the kids' art brings the life to the room.

  28. This kitchen looks fabulous and elegant! I can imagine lots of energy exerted transform the boring kitchen into a stunning one. I believe this renovation is still incomplete, and I hope you'll continue to update us when the long-term goals have been finished. Thanks! :)

    Toby Almy @ TittleBrothers

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