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January 23, 2014

New House: Kitchen Progress

First of all, thank y'all so much for all of your sweet words about Wells' big girl room and about our sweet family.  We are truly so blessed to have been given this incredibly opportunity to win.  Be sure to go here to check out the full reveal plus a video on how we put the room together.

A new round of the Destination Nursery Kids Room Makeover Contest has started and voting is live.  I certainly am not going to beg for your votes like last time, in fact, I'm keeping my favorite to myself.  But it's fun, so take a minute to head over and watch the videos of five sweet families who are participating in something awesome.


Okay, back to reality.  We're headed into yet another snow day here in Richmond.  It's starting to get a bit ridiculous.  I'm used to my little bit of time with just Tagg.  You can put him in front of a train and get stuff done.  Wells prefers a more one-on-one approach to parenting.

Yet somehow all this cabin-fever has produced an itch to finish up some projects.  I guess sitting around your house all day makes you notice what needs fixing.  And I've been making a real effort to live my life and not wait for "it" to be ready.  Timing is never perfect. 

Many of you asked about our kitchen island.  The one we replaced after the original went missing.  It's a butcher block with a piece of granite cut to fit on top.  It's actually perfect.  It's a bit higher than our counter tops which is great for food prep or display.  We had this in our last two homes as well, and it belonged to my in-laws before that.  I'll be honest, I want to replace it.  The wood tone is a bit too yellow.  That's not a trick of the camera lighting, it's pretty orangey-yellow in tone.  And I'd prefer a slab of white marble to the granite.  We plan to replace it soon with something just a bit more rectangular in shape.  The kitchen can handle the extra size and it would be nice to slide two stools up to it for late evening chip and dip eating.

Another point a reader mentioned was the space above the sink.  There is a decorative piece of wood that connects the cabinets together.  A scallop acting as a bridge between the two walls.  An ugly halogen light is hiding under it.  We plan to remove that piece of wood as soon as we can replace the light fixture with a pendant.  I'd rather see outdated white scalloped wood than and ugly halogen light, so it stays for now.

So now for the update that literally has left me paralyzed since June.  To paint or not to paint.  I would sit on this decision for another few years rather than choose the wrong color.  How ridiculous is that?  Maybe 5% of our kitchen will be getting the updated color and I'm choosing something really light.  It's easy to paint over.  So why sit here in fear?  I often don't trust my own decisions.  Does that happen to you?

The top color is Benjamin Moore Tapestry Beige and the bottom strip is Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray.  I sat on these for several days deciding between the three choices (white remaining a top contender over any color at all).

This little strip is Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray.

Of course I couldn't leave well enough alone and threw another option into the mix.  We have some leftover Serena and Lily Lamu wallpaper from Wells' room and it would be just enough to cover this wall.  I also hung a strip of natural colored linen fabric up against the window.  I'm planning on doing some sort of valance or roman shade on that window and the glass door.  Although I think I've already decided to use the wallpaper on the wall in the hallway off the kitchen instead.  You can see that wall predominately from the kitchen.  It connects the kitchen to the family room.  Our powder room and laundry room are also off that little hallway.  You can see it in the image above with the large gold frame.



  1. I love how open your kitchen is. Edgecomb gray is a great color and lucky you having leftover wallpaper!!

  2. I love the paper. It would be just enough to set the walls apart from the cabinets. Then maybe match the rest of the walls to the gray in the paper?

  3. I'm kind of in love with the wallpaper....looking gorgeous in there!

  4. Love the paper and I think it would look fantastic in that hallway! Still can't get over Wells' room and how precious that sweet girl is.

    I love the Edgecombe Gray color and I think it would look good in your kitchen as it is now and throughout your phase 1 process (and probably phase 2 as welll!).

  5. Love the edgecomb gray and paint is so easy to change up. Your kitchen has great natural light lady!

  6. It's looking great! You've been busy despite all this snow!

  7. i love the edgecomb gray but i definitely understand waiting until you're sure. People always say that paint is so easy to change but I always feel like if i paint it and don't like it, there's no way I'll be repainting any time soon so i'd be stuck with it.

  8. I vote for edgecomb gray.

  9. I love the idea of the wallpaper, but if you were thinking a lighter color of paint in case you change your mind, wallpaper may be harder to change (although you guys are pros). Is it bad I like the scallops ;).

  10. I love Edgecomb gray. We painted our living room and hallway (in our small ranch) that color and I still love!!

  11. I really love reading/hearing your thought process. I have a love/hate relationship with decorating and like you, often don't trust my decisions or have a huge fear of regret. I also don't like everything matchy-matchy. I like more of a "collected/put together over time" approach to my rooms. With that begin said, I also like the feeling of a project being "finished." It's good to remember that fabric can be changed and paint can be re-painted. I really love the way you've used the wallpaper! It's gorgeous!

  12. I am horrible about commiting to paint colors too- it's not as easy as everyone says to change! I do like the edgecomb gray but the wallpaper is a fun option too. I say you should do something for the time being. I'm so guilty of waiting for the perfect time and then never doing anything instead of just doing it. I'm trying to be more in the moment now with home decor.

  13. Why not paint the butcher block for now?


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