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January 2, 2014

Staying Organized: Calendars

Sugar Paper for Target

Every year I swear I'm going to be better organized and each year I seem to fail somewhere.  I used to write everything down in my pink leather Roladex before my smart phones did it for me.  But after missing multiple appointments last year, including two rescheduled dentist appointments (sorry Dr. Dowdy), I realized I needed to go back to writing things down.  I like to have a pretty wall calendar close by for referencing dates but a day planner is a must for me now.  I need one place I can write it all down.  This year I snagged up everything I could find at Target in the Sugar Paper section.  Y'all don't want to miss this special 8 week collaboration.  I'm already smitten with the gold confetti on the wall calendar and the pink and white stripes on my day planner.
Here is what needs to have a place on my calendar:

1. Photography Sessions
2. Blog Posts
3. Wells' School Schedule
4. Doctor's Appointments
5. Matthew's work schedule (travel, late meetings, and, time off)
6. Meal Planning
7. Grocery Lists
8. Special Occasions.  Birthdays, Anniversary, Weddings, and, Parties.
9. To-Do list

I find that I like to have a weekly format with lots of room.  I write each of those topics above in a special place.  For instance my blog post ideas will always be written down in the far right corner, photography sessions in the top left, and meal planning at the bottom left.  This leaves room for daily appointments.  To-do lists go in the notes section. 



  1. I think I'll be checking your menu planning a lot more in 2014 momma. Need to get on it!

  2. I need something like this. I really like the weekly format too.

  3. I cannot live without my wall calendar! I'm old-fashion that way. Loving the Sugar Paper wall calendar included above and may have to snatch one up at Target!

  4. Thanks for calling attention to those! I have to have a calendar on the fridge with all the major events written down and then a day planner for me to have all those "extras" written out.

  5. Julia I am so with you on getting organized this year and sticking with it! I found a calendar that I LOVE and really works for me as it started in November so I have had time work with it. It has the Month view on left hand side then the right side is all for notes. Each week follows same format weekly calendar on left and right side is for notes. This allows me to put all the to dos down and then schedule them accordingly and take notes while in the different meetings keeping everything in one spot! Funny thing is it is just a Staples brand but has a pretty sparkly turquoise cover.
    I love your idea of using the various corners for each area you are keeping track of, great tip.
    Cheers to your organization in a stylish way for 2014!

  6. Best of luck juggling all your plates this year. I need a planner, so will check these out! Happy New Year to you and the family, and looking forward to your great posts and hopefully getting to meet up in person! xo Nancy

  7. did you get these recently?? LOVE

    1. Yes! I got them two weeks before Christmas but was just there yesterday and they still had them!

    2. yay!! now i just have to wait until after work to go! ahhh haha :)

  8. i love my planner from them!

  9. I have used an annual planner ever since high school and I could never get by without one! I've tried multiple ones, and this year snagged my Sugar one from Target a long time ago, I was so excited to write down all my 2014 dates yesterday morning! Hope I like it!!

  10. reminds me of getting mine every August at the C of C bookstore!!!!

  11. This is such a cute collab! Love Target!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  12. Cute! I need a wall calendar for my desk area! Will have to check this out. Happy New Year!

  13. Love the wall calendar! I cannot survive without my Erin condren planner- it is essential for me to write everything down. Each family member has a designated color too!

  14. I got a Whitney English planner for creatives this year and LOVE it!


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