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January 16, 2014

The Wild Hare | Custom Monogram Striped Kids Hats

You know I don't normally promote one thing twice in one week but this is just too cute not to share.  Wells was so excited to get her new handmade hat with custom monogram from The Wild Hare in the mail yesterday.  In fact, she immediately put in on her head and proudly wore it for the rest of the afternoon.   And she couldn't wait for Tagg to wake up from his nap so she could give him his hat too.

They are so stinking cute!  The hats and my kids, of course.  *wink wink*  It's really hard to get the good camera out these days with these two.  They don't sit still. They don't listen.  I'm a control freak when in photography mode.  I'm trying harder to jump into mom with a camera mode so I don't miss good moments.  Not every photograph has to be planned or perfect.  I love these two so very much and capturing their giggles as they grown is important.

I've known since Tagg turned two at the beginning of the month that I no longer had babies, but looking at these pictures I realize I have two kids.  KIDS.  How did this happen so fast?

Don't forget to enter the giveaway here for your chance to win one of these adorable hats.  You can choose striped or solid and she offers an array of colors.

If you don't want to wait for this winner to be announced next week, please use code: JULIARYAN at checkout to receive 10% off your order through January 22nd.



  1. Hats and kiddos are so adorable. Can not believe how big Tagg looks in these photos. When did he become a big boy?!

  2. They may not sit or listen, but they are two adorable little models!

  3. your kids are gorgeous! great pictures

  4. So cute and my grands would love them......

  5. love these photos of your kiddos!!! x

  6. They both looks so grown up!! I am loving these hats- I think I might have to just use your discount code- I'm not sure I have patience for the giveaway :)


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