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February 11, 2014

Let's Chat: Natalie | Designer Bags & Dirty Diapers

Pretty happy to have one of my favorites here with us today.  Girl can cook like a celebrity chef all while wearing an awesome outfit and balancing life with two adorable babes.  Natalie is a familiar face to pretty much all of you so I'll just let her do the talking!
Hello Pawleys Island Posh Friends and Readers. My name is Natalie Mason and I am author of the blog Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers.   I am mommy to two sweet kids, Frances Moon (2 months) and Sterling (almost 4 years).  I love wine  (good wine), reality tv, fashion, food, and my family.   That pretty much sums up what my blog is about!  All my biggest passions piled into one space including some celebrity gossip sometimes:)

1) Space vs Self 
I am actually equally drawn to fashion and interior design, I think they both kind of go hand in hand.  I like aesthetically pleasing spaces and outfits.  But I am way better at putting together a cute outfit than decorating a room- I need help in that area!  

2) Favorite room in my house
My daughter Frances Moon's nursery.  It was kind of the first room I got to recreate all on my own start to finish.  I love it so much and I feel proud that I pulled it all off on my own.  It is such a sweet yet modern space that I hope she can grow up with.  You can see the whole room here.

3) Favorite Outfit
This is so tough I have so many favorite outfits!!  I do love a dress though and this pink one is one of my all time favorites.  It is really versatile you can dress it up or down and I wear my House of Harlow necklace all the time.  Get you one if you don't have one, best necklace ever.

4)  Favorite artist
I am honored to call Katie Stevenson one of good friends in real life.  She inspires me everyday with her talent.  Her artwork is stunning.  I love her abstracts and figures equally.  One day I will hopefully get one of these beauties for our house! You can view her whole gallery here.

5) Biggest Obsession
This is tough its a tie between good wine and online shopping:)
If you need an off the hook wine recommendation this is my new favorite wine.   The red and white are both awesome and both under $20.



  1. I love me some Natalie, and love learning more about her! xo

  2. You know I love me some Natty Nat!!

  3. Love Natalie's blog Nd you're right - her recipes are awesome, she always looks great and girl has style!! I need to try that wine :)

  4. Love Natalie! Her style and food and wine recipes is impeccable!

  5. Love me some Natalie...and girl knows her wine! Her recipes are ridiculously delicious too!

  6. Love seeing you both together! Adore Natalie, and Frances Moon's nursery is freaking adorable!

  7. Excellent taste in wine Natalie. Love it. :)

  8. Ooooohhh...I have to try this wine. Thanks for the recommendation. That nursery is precious!

  9. Natalie's blog was one of the first I found when I started her spunk!


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