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Spring Sale

February 25, 2014

Now that I've helped you fill up your babes Spring wardrobes for under $100 I think it's time to go pick something up for ourselves.  Shopbop's big Spend More Save More sale is in full effect today so it's the perfect time to snag a a piece or two.  Just be sure to use code: BIGEVENT14 at checkout.

Aside from my most favorite jeans ever, here are a few of my favorite picks.  Such a good time to stock up.  The site seems to be moving pretty slow today which is so annoying.  Or maybe it's our horrible internet situation over here.  Either way, I'm going to have to be persistent I guess.

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  1. I haven't been able to get to their site all morning.. hopefully they fix it soon!

  2. Not your internet...I can't get on at all. So frustrating!

  3. Hi Julia! I spotted the Joie A La Plage sandals in teal at DSW.com for $64.00!

  4. I spend over an hour filling my cart with goodies and never pulled the trigger- yet. It is a great sale, hope you get some wonderful things! xo Nancy


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