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March 17, 2014

Egg-Free Easter Egg Decorating + Egg-Allergy Easter Alternatives | Goregeous Kilim Poufs + Bean Bag Alternative

Happy Monday friends.  I have to say I'm starting this week feeling refreshed and ready for the snow today.  I'm going to quit whining and complaining about this endless winter and embrace my colored cords for another few weeks.  My cost per wear is down so low they're practically paying me at this point.  You win snow.

I also found the most amazing egg-free Easter alternative this past weekend at Walmart.  They were in the Easter section mixed in with colorful plastic eggs.  They look and feel just like the real thing.  I love that they come in a carton just like the real deal.  For those of us with egg-allergies in our home, this is the perfect alternative.  The kids can still dye and decorate Easter eggs without the fear of a reaction.  I am so excited about this. I  think it's pretty brilliant for small children regardless of any allergy to egg.  The idea of a clean and germ free project is appealing.  I also love that what they decorate can be saved for years to come.  So sweet.

I am a big fan of the new kilim poufs from Target.  Let's talk about the cuteness at that price point.  I am so tempted to order a set for the family room and another set for the play room.  The navy and cream and turquoise is killing it.  They have yellow and brown but those don't really work in my house.  These others, however, would look right at home in pretty much every single room.  I just love them.  Perfect fugly bean bag alternative.  Amazing in a nursery.  I'm pretty sure we all need at least one.

Threshold Kilim Poufs

What's been on  your radar this week?


  1. The eggs are such a good find. My kids aren't allergic but this sounds so much easier than boiling and fear of cracking! And so affordable!

  2. I saw these eggs on your IG yesterday! Genius! My kids don't even have allergies, but I think I'm still going to get some!

  3. I want those eggs and my kids don't have allergies either! I love the idea of being able to save them for years to come. (and I may have found a real egg in September one year - apparently my youngest at the time thought it would be great to hide).

  4. I am all over those eggs!! Such a genius idea! And those poufs o my those poufs!!!!

  5. I saw those poufs in Target yesterday and wanted to scoop them up they were so cute! Alas, I don't have anywhere for them! haha

  6. The 1.97 is worth it to not have to boil the eggs! I will be on the look out for these!

  7. I need the eggs and the poufs! Great finds!!!

  8. Those poufs would be PERFECT in the playroom! I can just imagine Wells and Tagg rolling around on them or you propping your feet up while sipping wine and watching them play!

  9. Such a good call on the eggs! Can't believe Easter is around the corner.


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