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March 26, 2014

New House Kitchen Island Plan

 I have been pretty on task lately with convincing Matthew to get a bigger kitchen island.  No matter how close-by or casual I get our dining room, the bottom line is that we still need to be able to eat in our kitchen.  We have a toddler sized table and chairs for Wells and Tagg but Matthew and I find ourselves hovering around our current butcher block island eating most of our meals standing up.

I love our current butcher block and the granite top makes it an ideal workspace. I just want a larger surface.  And I'd love to have an open bottom where I can tuck four stools.  I'm not big on the idea of the stools taking up any extra space in the room.  I've yet to find something commercial that fits the bill.  We've talked about building something ourselves and adding a piece of stone to the top.  That way we can ensure the exact dimensions we want.

Have you done something similar?  I know people do this type of transformation all the time.  Did you turn a piece of furniture into an island?  I like the idea of not starting from scratch.

As always I've put together a plan of action.  Traditional elements paired with natural surfaces for texture.  You can see what the current state of the kitchen here or see how it looked right after we closed here.

French Kitchen Island | Nespresso | Round Belly Basket | Branson Glass Vase | Jenny Cutting Board | Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray | Flowers for 2014 Lulie Wallace Calendar | Napolean Backless Barstool | Classic Indoor / Outdoor Lantern | Catamaran Rug | I also love this island and this one too but they're just a bit too small for our space. 

I just found the original picture of our kitchen from the MLS listing which shows the island that was previously there.  It also gives a better true before for you to compare.



  1. I'm working with a client to design an island for her kitchen for the same reason - we just can't seem to find the right one. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.

  2. Love the idea you came up with, especially how the stools compliment the cabinets.

  3. I love your kitchen, it looks very peaceful! I think that could be a good compromise, love the stools!

  4. I'm with you, I LIVE at our kitchen island. It's where I do everything from meal prep, to eating, to working, to hanging around.

  5. I love your plans...and our kitchen island is my favorite place too! Seems like you definitely need a larger place to prep and even have dinner! I love the island you picked, a classic!

  6. What about a commercial stainless one? I just picked up a 40x30 at our local kitchen supply wholesaler for $150. It is a temporary fix, but it looks great and open on the bottom.

  7. Have you seen the ikea White Island with butcher block top? Also has 2 large stainless steel shelves. We have it and love it. Fits 2 bar stools and the kids eat there all the time. $275 or somewhere close!

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