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Our Weekend

March 24, 2014

 Thanks so much for your feedback last week on what machine you use to make your coffee.  I spent some time investigating the new Nespresso Virtuoline and the Keurig over the weekend.  It's safe to say I'm obsessed with the quality of the Nespresso, hands down.  It froths without milk.  Bam.  The Keurig seems a bit more reasonable and less of a splurge so I can't rule that out yet either.  But I drink a lot of coffee.  In fact, I'd say I'm never without it except around happy hour wine time.  So maybe it's worth the splurge right?  I just need to figure out just how many cups of coffee I can order at Starbucks before I start seeing a justified savings.  Will keep you posted on what we decide.

As I mentioned on Friday, Matthew and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary this weekend.  We have crammed a lot into five years.  Four homes, two states, lost jobs, new jobs, one dog, and two kids.  I don't even want to think about the gallons of paint and diapers we've been through.

So to celebrate we pretty much went on an adventure in food eating.  Starting with happy hour cheese plate on the front porch and ending with gourmet donuts on a rainy Sunday morning.  I think I'm going to have to eat salad all week to compensate all the nonsense I consumed.  My parents took the kids for the day on Saturday and we pretty much just went from one place to the next eating and drinking wine and shopping.  It's really fun to have a day date and spend time together in the sunshine.  Sharing several hours in a row together and not just cramming in two or three quickly for date night.  It was perfect.

I got the sweetest surprise in the mail from Shop Poppy Style.  She designed the turquoise spike necklace just for me and I'm in love with it!  I was so curious to she what she came up with after I gave her a very odd description of my style.  Preppy but not too predictable.   A statement piece but still delicate and not too over the top.  Turquoise and gold. This is pretty much perfection. 

She's going to be making a few more of these and adding them to the shop soon.   It's such a fun addition.  It's a little bit preppy and a little bit boho, my favorite combination.

Gold Chain Links Necklace | Turquoise necklace from Shop Poppy Style | striped shirt from last year (similar here and here) | Tan Blazer from last season (similar version here, here or here) | Jeans | Juliska Breakfast Cup (pictured above)

Big thanks to Style Me Pretty for featuring me in their list of Amazing Blogs to Follow!  To say I'm in good company is a major understatement.  Lots of talent floating around out there.


Enough about me.  What did y'all do this weekend?  Hopefully something outside on Friday and Saturday.  I don't want to discuss the impending forecast for tomorrow. We're supposed to get more snow here.  I can't even talk about it. That's going to make for a very long week.

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  1. What a fun weekend and wow you did fit a lot in five years! Nothing like a fast paced adventure with your best friend :). Love the necklace - and the whole look! Oh and my cousin said the Nespresso more than paid for itself in the first few months. Go for it!!

  2. I was so excited for me about Style Me pretty! yeay! Congrats. Love the necklace....it's perfect...so vibrant! Turquoise is such a great color. and congrats on your anniversary...ours is in 2 weeks! eek!

  3. I need to catch up on your coffee post! Sounds like you had a great weekend - day dates are so much fun. We've been celebrating my birthday the past few years by going to a local arts fesitval and then doing an early dinner. So much fun!

  4. Happy anniversary and congrats on Style Me Pretty! What a big weekend!!

  5. My nespresso has more than paid for itself! Totally worth it. Happy anniversary! And big congrats on style me pretty! xoxo

  6. Happy anniversary! We have a Keurig as well as a Breville espresso maker. Russ likes his quick coffee from his Keurig (convenience), but my sister in law is OBSESSED with Nespresso. From hearing her rave reviews, I would definitely get a Nespresso. I love the aesthetic too!

  7. Yay about your Style Me Pretty feature and all of that yummy food looks amazing. Glad it was a good weekend!

  8. oh my goodness - happy belated anniversary - so exciting! dont you look back at your self 5 years ago and think, if my self only knew what was in store in the next 5 years, i would have been baffled! re: coffee - i never saw that post so im commenting now :) i have a keurig and a nespresso (citiz) and my favorite way to make coffee is definitely the Chemex - old fashioned way. I love it, sadly it just broke so I'm using the keurig. I always feel like the keurig will just dumb down any coffee though, even if you buy the brand you usually like. i like it for the convenience but definitely not for the quality or taste. it just leaves me mehhhh. and i love the nespresso but whenever i bring it out, i find myself having to put it away for a break after a certain amount of time. i love the taste, and the quality, but sometimes then find myself just wanting a really good tasting strong cup of coffee that ISNT a nespresso :) hope that doesnt confuse it even more :) we could start a loan program - i can loan you the nespresso for a few months and then we trade :)

  9. Congratulations on your feature! We had a kidless day date for our anniversary celebration too! Great minds think alike!!!

  10. Sweet congratulations on Style Me Pretty! We adore the prettiness you share!



  11. So fun that you were featured on SMP Living! And well deserved...you look gorgeous in that first photo!! xoxo

  12. I'm salivating!! All that food looks delish! Love the necklace...great minds must think alike with the gold + turquoise necklaces! Congrats on Style Me Pretty as well!

    If you haven't had the chance yet, stop by my blog and enter my York River Traders giveaway...I have a feeling Matthew would love the belt that's up for the winning!

  13. I am drooling over all that food!! The perfect anniversary weekend and love the necklace!

  14. sounds like a wonderful anniversary and you look awesome. I have the Nespresso and love it!


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