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April 25, 2014

Tory Burch Friends + Fans Sale

Please tell me you're taking advantage of the Tory Burch Friends + Fans 25 % off sale.  And there is free shipping involved!  I've got my favorites picked out but only three things in my basket.  With the discount I'm basically getting a free pair of shoes.  But two get one free.

Just be sure to use code: FRIENDLY in checkout!

Shop my favorite below!  It is seriously hard to narrow down to one or two top picks!



  1. ohhhh good to know! thanks for the heads up -- heading over there right now! xo

  2. Thanks for justifying that I would get a free pair of shoes if I pulled the trigger on a dress and bathing suit.

    What is in your basket? :)

  3. I love your math! That dress is amazing and so is that swimsuit! I rounded up some of my favorites too but they weren't as pretty and springy as these! Between all of these friends and family sales it is hard to make decisions.

  4. Beautiful choices. I've been really wanted some Miller Sandals and I'm trying to hold myself back from purchasing... this makes it so much harder!

  5. I just bought some sandals through the shopbop sale. Now trying to convince my husband I need a new purse!!


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