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April 25, 2014

Tory Burch Sale

Y'all.  I pretty much always leave things in my cart.  True story.  I have to learn that I love to cultivate a collection of finds as much as I like owning them.  I have more virtual carts full of fun items than I would know what to do with, much less know how to pay for.  I've even been known to do this in Target or Homegoods.  Just pile my cart full of everything I like and then take a deep breath and walk away.  Just go back to my car.  Satisfied with the thrill of the hunt without any of the remorse of dropping coin. 

I tell you this as a preface to my latest big purchase at the Tory Burch friends + fans sale (just use code FRIENDLY at checkout).  I don't take buying $200+ shoes lightly.  But I need to update a few of my staples that are more than well loved so I know my cost per wear will more than justify it.  I prefer to have a few pair of shoes that I really love instead of a closet full of cheaper finds.  And with that extra 25% off, I basically bought two pairs and got one free. 

Justification.  And pretty feet.

Miller Sandal | Caroline Ballet Flat | Cameron Metallic Wedge Thong


  1. ooo those miller sandals have been on my wishlist for months! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I love your cultivating carts! It is painful sometimes to press buy. I hear you on the Tory Burch flats. I have literally worn out my Revas--I have three pairs and I wear them non-stop. Just recently I bought some Miller Sandals and some of her flip flops and I am sure the cost per wear will be so low. I need to try out those Caroline flats. I know Ashley, of Sweet Southern Prep, absolutely loves hers! And those metallic wedges are super cute!

    xo Annie

  3. So pretty! Gorgeous flats ~ I have a pair and LOVE them. The sandals are so on my summer wish list .. time to check out this sale!

  4. So funnny! I do the same at Target and Marshalls/TJ Max.
    I feel like if i picked it out or tried it on then I already got my feel:)
    Love those wedges!!

  5. Love the Caroline flats - they are so comfy and I wear mine all the time. Enjoy!!

  6. Absolutely love this! My Mom, aunt, sister and I talk all the time about how more than half the fun of TJ Maxx is the thrill of the hunt and the fact that you can put something in your cart, spend an hour with it while you walk around with it in your cart and then decide if you still can't live without it. Those shoes would have definitely made it to the register with me too. Happy Saturday!

  7. I have the Carolines and the Miller Sandals- both are so comfy! I have tons of online shopping carts full all the time- my Jcrew cart is always full of stuff I wish I could buy

  8. I loved my Caroline flats but they got worn out so quickly! Maybe I'm too rough on shoes...


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