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May 7, 2014

Currently Obsessed: Mother's Day

 Mother's Day is this weekend and I know I'm a little late on the blogger Mother's Day Gift Guide train.  But that's life.  I think about things a maximum of three days before they happen.  Some of these you can snatch up immediately with fast shipping.  Nordstrom and Zappos pretty much get everything to your door the next day magically.

Today I'm off to Wells' Mother's Day Tea at school.  With Tagg.  I really hope later in life she feels a close bond to her brother and not resentment for his literal constant presence in her life.  I just can't justify paying a babysitter for an hour and a half this morning to sit on the floor of her classroom with kids almost his age.

As for Mother's Day, what's your tradition?  We usually do brunch with my mom and grandmother or have a big lunch with my whole giant family, aunts and cousins and all.  My parents are at the beach this year so I'm thinking it might be left up to my husband to make something happen.  And chic fil a is closed so he's going to need to get his creative juices flowing.  It's not for me, honestly.   But our kids are old enough to get excited over holidays and I think they could rock this year in sweetness.

Plum Pretty Sugar Robe in Beckoning Creatures | Hayden Reis Middy Bag | BaubleBar Chain Necklace | Sam Edelman Gigi sandals | Tory Burch Swim One-piece | Pink Hunter Wellies | rafia runner | Tory Burch Miller Sandal | white shorts | Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer | rewined mimosa candle | fouta bath towels


  1. Oh girl, I use that moisturizer, too. Love it!

  2. beautiful picks! i LOVE love that swimsuit! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Love the pink hunter boots and the robe!

  4. I'll take one of each of these. Everyone's been talking about those Rewined candles so much I think I need to try them

  5. Ha! I love that comment about chick fil a, because my husband would have the very same plan. :)

  6. That robe and bathing suit need to be mine!! Hope my kids get the memo!

  7. Love your choices!! And doesn't your husband make amazing dishes? I don't think chic-fil-a would cut it after the instagram pics I've seen of his creations :). Hope the tea was fun! Ours is tomorrow!


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