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May 30, 2014

More Summer fun at the Berry Patch

I tried to break down our morning of strawberry picking into two posts because I just couldn't narrow down the pictures any further.  We seriously had the best time!  If you're looking for a fun kids activity near Richmond, I highly recommend Strawberry Picking at Gallmeyer Farms.  It's toddler friendly and the berries are delicious.  We can't stop eating them.  The owner said they'd be open for pick-your berries for another week or so.  If we weren't headed to the beach today I'd strongly consider headed back!

It's going to be a long summer trying to keep these two entertained.  I'm always on the lookout for fun and inexpensive activities like this.  I'll be sure to keep you posted on anything else we find that works out well.



  1. Seriously looks like they had the BEST time!!! Happy Friday!

  2. We love blueberry picking at Swift Creek Berry Farm in Chesterfield. They are open all summer for pickin'. A good summer activity for sure!

  3. What fun! Your pictures are priceless:) I SO miss my kids being this age. They are adults now and I am grateful that I've got photos to remind me of these days. Berry picking is the best and looks like this was a fun trip. Enjoy your weekend! ~leslie

  4. Shut up! Tagg's little popped collar is too freaking cute :D

  5. OMG these are the sweetest and cutest kids!! I want to hug them and kiss them all over. Precious photos!


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