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May 20, 2014

New House: Master Bedroom Bedside Tables

 Y'all know our most recent project in the new house has been to fancy up the master.  Last time we chatted it was about bedside tables and my hunt for the perfect nightstand.  Well I'm happy to report that we found the perfect nightstands for our room and after living with them for a few weeks I'm really excited to share them with you and officially sign off on their awesomeness!

We selected two matching Cottage Vanities in pure white to use as our nightstands and I'm in love!  This was our first time ordering something from home decorators collection after years of glancing at their catalog.  They have so many options and several that fit my list of criteria but overall these were the best fit for our style.  I looked around forever before making our decision.  It's overwhelming to look for furniture online.  They were super helpful in answering my questions and our order came in really fast.  Much quicker than the estimate at checkout.  It took Matthew less than 30 minutes each to put them together.  The size is perfect and the detail on the legs and scallop trim feels special without a country or feminine vibe.

My criteria:
* at least 30" inches tall
* wide enough to fit a large lamp plus my necessities without looking cluttered
* at least one drawer
* open storage
* white
* under $350
* at least two available (we wanted a matching set)

I thought about purchasing something used and rehabbing it, but honestly I'm not really much for DIY of that scale these days.  One, it's not a good use of my time, I have so much on my plate right now and an extra few hours in the late evenings is for sleeping and finishing up other obligations. And two, I know my limitations and I just like things to look more professional than I can personally achieve.  I'm always amazed at how great some people can transform things with such a steady hand.  But attention to detail and following directions isn't my strong suit.  My husband was major on board with finding something new and ready to roll.  He likes perfection and he knows I just can't achieve that when I do it myself.  I tend to skip important steps like sanding, and tend to use a brush instead of a roller so it just looks like a project that's never quite done.  And with a never-ending list of projects in our new house, furniture rehab is not not on his agenda either.  I'm so glad we found these bedside tables instead!  The pure white is a nice clean white and something I could never have achieved myself!  

I'm actually really pleased with the direction this room is headed.  The walls have one coat of Sherwin Williams Sea Salt cut to 50%.  It still needs another coat.  You can see a sneak peek of our new headboard as well.  It came with legs but we haven't ordered a bed frame to go with it yet so those are still in the box.  I couldn't wait to start using all the tufted goodness so we just placed it right on top of our existing four-poster bed.  I don't hate it.

 Cottage Vanity | Addison Headboard in white talc | Basket (homegoods) similar here | Lamp (homegoods) | Juliska Cup | White Bedding | Schumacher Chenonceau Pillow| rug (antique family piece) | art piece was a mother's day gift from Wells

*this post was sponsored by the home decorators collection but absolutely all selections and thoughts are my own.  I only accept products that I truly love and would select and endorse regardless of compensation.  I just love awesome stuff and know y'all do too.  Word.



  1. It is looking so good! and I love the sweet artwork taped up:)

  2. cute! love the basket too :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. AnonymousMay 20, 2014

    I love them!! They are perfect, I am such a huge fan of white furniture. Your master bedroom looks great! That's next on my project list. Love your headboard too, I want something very similar!


  4. Love it!! I love the headboard on top of the four poster bed! The lamps are perfection - as are the tables and they are styled sooo perfectly!!

  5. They are the perfect size! And thank you for the head's up about the HD headboards, I ordered the Georgiana for a guest room in our new home on Saturday and the store was having 20% off + free shipping, it was a steal!

  6. nice to see white bedside tables looks simple but elegant. beautiful!

  7. ah I envy you, you have a white bedside table that looks stunning. I want to get it to be stored in the bedroom.


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