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July 28, 2014

Blue and White Little Boys Room | Americana Inspired

Did everyone have a good weekend?  Our sweet babygirl turned FOUR this weekend!  We had an amazing time celebrating her with good friends and family.  I'll be sure to share more details of her party later this week.  It was such an easy and fun time!

I want to share another room with you today.  It's an Americana inspired little boys room.  It's perfect.  Play area, reading zone, divine bedding.  It's also real.  No special styling just for the blog.  I love the balance of stylish and playful elements.  It's picturesque, yet you can still see a little boy really living here. 

This is my nephew's room and I just love it.  This home had been freshly painted before my sister and brother in law purchased it and they decided that it wasn't worth repainting any of the rooms when they moved in.  The both work full time, with crazy hours, so they really don't have time to do many diy things like re-paint on their own.  And while neither of us would have selected yellow, I think it's really cute and love it paired with the classic blue and white.

I'm in love with the Leontine linens.  That monogram sham is my favorite.  I'll be honest, that splurge is past my price point, but my sister swears they have been a dream if any of you have considered them and are on the fence.  There is absolutely nothing that a little boy can do that hasn't been successfully washed out.  No ironing or special laundering needed. 

I love how his room is a place to play and create yet it still looks chic.  All of the books and toys are at child level for easy access.  I sometimes get skeptical when I see tall bookshelves in a small child's room with toys or books up top.  I'd be worried about circus climbing to snatch up something on top.   I'm working on that blend of playfullness myself in Tagg's room. 

The bookshelves, rug, play table and chairs and 3 hanging art boards are all from Pottery Barn Kids.  The bed and leather chair are family pieces.  Many of the books were ours as children and the art is all my precious nephew. 

You can also view my sister's sitting room and living room, her wallpapered powder room, and her gorgeous dining room that was featured on the Quadrille website. 



  1. Beautiful! Little boy rooms are one of my favorite spaces to look at - and this one is perfect!

  2. Wow!!! This room is gorgeous!! Love every little man detail :)

  3. Really cute room! Good taste runs in your family! xo Nancy

  4. What a great space for a little boy! I love that he has so much to do in his room but it's not sensory overload.

  5. Love how she pulled it all together! Each of my boys have that PB Kids bookshelf and they are the best! Happy BDY to your big girl!

  6. I love this!! Do you know where she got the rug from? I am looking for one just like it but get nervous ordering one offline when I haven't put my hands on it... Thanks for the help!

  7. gorgeous. House styling runs in the family! I love that it's hardwood flooring too...I wish our bedrooms were!
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  8. Love this room! Classic, playful, and real. That bed with those linens and the leather chair is so good! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I just love reading your blog! This room is the perfect little boys room! Do you know where the rug is from? Thanks!

  10. Really cute! I love it


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