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July 22, 2014

Kids Art Display | How to Display Kids Art (New House Playroom Update)

We're starting to get a stock pile of art around here and I'm trying to find more ways to display it.  As a creative myself, I think it's really important to foster that imaginative side in my children.  I've never struggled with being artistic, but I have battled with anxiety in showing my work.  I get really snippy and judgmental on myself, my own worse critic.  I hope that by showcasing all of their art, even their "unfinished" pieces, my children will learn to appreciate art for art's sake and not the final perfect product.

And while I'm really drawn to bright colors, I also have a strong need for white and neutral in my surroundings.  In a house with two little kids, I'm learning to embrace both.  The sunroom/playroom in our new house really is the perfect spot to let this side run loose.  You may remember a few weeks ago when I showed you some major updates we had made in the space.  I am still really happy with how the front section, visible from the dining room, turned out .  The blue sofa and loveseat are so cozy and functional for reading or hanging out and always look really nice from the passing view.  I  was still working on getting the second half of the room, the toy section shaped up.

I hung a long piece of twine against the whole back wall secured with a nail at each end and one in the middle for support.  Clothespins allow for a really functional and colorful art display.  Last fall I framed two of my favorite pieces Wells painted and I've moved them to the narrow strip of wall above the white sofa.  Those are more permanent creations while the art strung on the clothesline is meant to be seasonal with new art rotated in constantly.

How do you display your kids art?  I know a few people who mentioned some cool frames at Target that let you easily slide a new picture in when you're ready for a change.  That would make such a pretty and organized display.  A friend of mine also hung long pieces of wood trim and secured clothes pins to that with a glue gun.  I love the merge between a grid and free-flowing.

Also, do you have a system for what stays, even short term, and what goes secretly into the trash?  At this age, I'm looking to keep things they bring home from school on display for about a year.  I'll probably only keep the things with their hand prints or extra special creations longer.  Anything seasonal gets stored away with the holiday decorations.  I think it's cool to bring out old art with each new holiday.  The daily scribbles or water colored pages last about a week around here.  What do you do?


  1. Hi Julia,
    what a brilliant idea! Looks so lovely and so light! Like a summer day! You do have little artists at home!
    Have a happy happy time
    and all my best from Austria

  2. I have framed a few things and I have a mini gallery wall in my upstairs hall. The everyday stuff makes it to the fridge until we are having guests and then I secretly "lose" a few pieces that were not particularly creative, like school worksheets and coloring sheets that are just colored in. It's the impromtu drawings of things like an elephant trapped in a bubble that I can't part with.

  3. I love this. I'm working on the playroom right now and am trying to figure out the kid's art thing. I had something similar up in the hallway outside Izzy's room in our old house that I hung her stuff on. She loved seeing it displayed. As far as keeping art long term - I have a big box I stuff it in (aside from the easy to toss). I go through it every few months and toss the ones that don't tug on my heart.

  4. It looks great! I love kids artwork. I have a gallery wall in our den with my favorites. I just bought a bunch of frames at the thrift shop and spray painted them white. It makes me smile every time I walk in the room! I've been meaning to add some twine to the playroom walls like you did. Maybe seeing how fun yours looks will motivate me ;)

  5. I love my kids' artwork, but it does multiply quickly. I keep the sentimental ones, but toss jut the everyday scribbles. I started making a scrapbook to keep it all in for each year of school. I also hung a little fishing line over the desk in our kitchen where I display their work with clothes pins. My son loves to point out his pictures!

  6. This room looks so great :) I have a kid's art area with bulletin boards that are meant for them to hang their masterpieces. Check it out here {it's my #1 pin on Pinterest, lol}:

    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  7. We have artwork displayed in the school/art room section of our basement playroom & I am working on framing some pieces to display in our mudroom above the board & batten we installed last year. My favorite though is Aerin Lauder's Hampton's kitchen: White kitchen+blue & white fabrics+colorful kids artwork= perfection!

  8. Those are some inspiring samples. The sky's the limit as far as the possibilities of art is concerned, so it's really in the reproduction, as well as the presentation where good art can shine. Great job on that! I'm sure the kids are at their happy place, knowing that their artworks are the main attraction of their playroom.

    Hoa Bracken @ Master Copy Print

  9. I love what you did with all of those great pieces of art. What a great thing to see each time you walk into the room. And when school starts you'll have even more to add. :) Here is what I do with Amelia's art work, and Eve's when she starts pre-school in a few weeks.


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