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July 29, 2014

Lowcountry Art | Marsh Series II

I've been working on a third series of lowcountry marsh paintings and I think you'll like them.  I had a wait list after the first collection I showed on the blog sold out and those people got to preview my second series before I posted it.  It also sold out immediately.  I am always so blown away by your support! 

This collection of marsh scenes is so meaningful to me and my family and it's so awesome to hear from others who share that story in some way.  I posted on sneak peek of the third series I'm currently working on via instagram last night and already received more interested emails that I have paintings!  Again, blown away by your support!  

I'm also working on two custom pieces right now which is really fun.  One piece is being created from a Virginia hunt club so the marsh is slightly different and has a special meaning to the couple.  Another is actually more of a beach scene from North Carolina.  I can't wait to get a little further in the process and share those with y'all as well.

If you'd like to be on the email list to preview the third collection just send me an email, juliakyleryan@gmail.  There is obviously no obligation to buy if you're on the wait list, it's just early access to view my pieces.  I'm hoping to have them ready by late next week.  Of course, it usually takes an extra week or so to to be ready to ship because of the heat right now.  Framing is always available and typically takes an extra week or two as well.



  1. These are beautiful! I am so glad that you are getting such a huge response.

  2. Congrats on the sell out!! They are beautiful.

  3. These are beautiful!! and congrats in them selling out!! No wonder....they are so peaceful and pretty.

  4. You are so talented!! Congrats on the sell out!!

  5. Dang it! I'm always too late. These are beautiful Julia!

  6. You nail it every. single. time. Congrats on the sell out!!!


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