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Pink and Purple Princess Party Planning

July 24, 2014

Wells turns four this week.  FOUR.  I asked her a few weeks ago if there was anything special she'd like to have at her party.  Her response?  Pink and Purple and Princess and Girls Things and No Boys Allowed and Cupcakes and Pretzels and My Girls and Sprinkles and Babies and A Cake and More Princess Stuff And Some Boys But only Nice Ones Like Tagg and Daddy and My Friends And Popcorn.  Buuuuuut,  I'm not really into talking about the details right now, so I'm still thinking about that part. Well ma'am, why I don't I just order you a real live unicorn too.

Thankfully I've always relied on a solid color scheme to get me through party planning.  I think it's fun to have just one spot really decked out with the theme colors and then just chill out on the rest.  Picking too narrow of a theme or too large of a decorating area is a good way to spend a whole lot of money on things no one will even notice.  I buy all the food and keep it really super simple.  Basically, I provide what I normally would for a play date.  Too many choices adds up quickly.

I also set up early, that's not just so I can drag it out on the blog.  I like to see what I'm working with ahead of time so there are no surprises or buying double.  It also allows me to enjoy the process of getting ready and my last minute prep can truly just be setting out the food.  It's also been really fun to have a big party countdown with Wells this week and let her enjoy her pretty party table.  I realize this wouldn't work with all kids.  She's built a club house down below and swiped some of the plates and napkins down there so it keeps her and Tagg from messing with what's on top.

I'll try to do a more detailed post on what worked or didn't work after the party if anyone is interested in details like that.  I'm no party planner but I do have some things I've found have worked for my mom and her sisters over the years and I use them.

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  1. Soooo cute! Just what she would dream of, and setting up early she's on a birthday buzz for the week! Congrats to Wells and Happy Birthday! xo Nancy

  2. Love it! Not too themey or over the top. Where did you get that print? My daughter (2.5) is just getting into the dress up, ballerina, princess phase so I need to start preparing for the day she wants a princess party!

  3. Adorable!! Great job decorating and I love the theme. She's going to have a blast!

  4. I'm the same way, I bring up the folding table and start decorating a good week or two before the party. I like finding what I need more of (straws, cupcake liners, the right color sprinkles, etc) and then it just leaves some clean up and food for the day off, no last minute hanging banners while guests are arriving. People prob think I'm nuts, but I feel ya' ;)

  5. Absolutely adorable! And I love how your posts are always so relatable, I E things that I could actually see myself doing. I would love it if you were able to share more of the details, including what worked and what didn't, with us.

    1. thank you! Yes, I pretty much do the bare minimum to look good. ha!

  6. It looks like a great party! I also love her description of her party. That's just too cute!

  7. Super cute! Can't wait to see pictures of the party!

  8. I set up a good week in advance as well. I feel less stressed when I am able to physically plan out the buffet/dessert/dining table. Love, love, love kids' parties!

  9. I love what you are planning. Sometimes I can't believe Sterling is 4- feels like he was just a baby. Slow down time.

  10. I love girls parties! The best! It's looking great Julia!

  11. You did such a great job! I bet all the little girls had so much fun, I just did a pink ombre party for my daughters first birthday and it looked similar to that! Kind of like a pink explosion;)

  12. There is a beautiful plan for a party..



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