July 19, 2014

The Best Striped Dress for Under $50

I can imagine this redundant post will get some side eye from those of y'all who wish I'd stick to interiors, but, I know others of you will be seriously excited to hear that my favorite new striped dress is on big time sale right now at Nordstrom.  The orginal price was really fair in my opinion, but knocked down to $45 it's just an outright no-brainer!  Plus free shipping and free returns make it super easy!

This dress also comes in a pink and white stripe and also as an a-line skirt in a few extra colorways.

Shop the look here:


  1. Such a cute dress and you look great in it! Screw the side eyers! Thanks for the heads up! Trying now to pare down my cart. Christmas is only five months away right?

  2. Fantastic, congratulations! I love this dress also comes in a pink and white stripe and your photos are awesome!
    Lovely and Cozy Girls’

  3. It's darling, thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Love that dress and $45 is a great price!


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