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July 14, 2014

Work Style

I haven't really given an update about going back to work because so far it's been a really smooth transition and I feel like it's insulting to working mothers to pretend I know something more than they do.  I'm really grateful that I've been able to start off part-time with a really light workload that can be achieved almost entirely from home.  My office time is really flexible and will gradually increase as the kids start school in the fall.  So far so good!

 After I lost my job in 2009 and then subsequently got pregnant and pregnant again and then again, all within two years and three moves, I pretty much gave away all of my work appropriate clothes.  The few things I kept don't fit well and feel outdated.  I think even before I left the workforce I was more interested in spending money on pillows than office attire.  I'll be honest, I feel like I need to look the part of the pulled-together business woman when I'm in the workplace to over shadow my stay-at-home mommy persona.  I can already see that it's easy to get carried away shopping for this new aspect of my life so I'm trying to make wise choices.  And while I may not be working part-time right now to directly pay our mortgage, the money I earn does go toward my family's expenses and isn't meant to morph into my clothing budget.  Yup, I'm not going back to work just to buy more clothes or to get more me time.  Shocking right.

When Nordstrom asked me to pick out the perfect day dress for work I immediately knew it would be hard to narrow down my favorite.  You may remember me talking about my favorite new striped dress a few weeks ago here.  Well I'm not going to pretend like I never said that and convince you that I have a new OMGFAVE.  But, I can tell you that this black and white stars dress by Maggy London might just be my new favorite work or Church dress.  I prefer it simple but sophisticated paired with my Caroline flats, but the color popping options are endless.

I like that the fabric is thick enough that it hangs smoothly and doesn't seem to wrinkle.  The length is flattering but appropriate.  I'm 5'9 so this is something that I have trouble with a lot.  The belt creates a nice waistline but is still comfortable for sitting down for long periods of time.  I like the unexpected detail in the star pattern.  And it's machine washable.  Done.


 Scroll through to shop the look and my other favorite work-day options:

This post was brought to you by Nordstrom.  As always, opinions are all my own.


  1. You look gorgeous! The dress reminds me of Diane Von Furstenberg, but for a way better price!

  2. Looking so good mama!! Gah, I wish I had a few more inches on me because I love this dress!

  3. Looking so Beautiful. Looks like the decorations are almost complete. Love it!

  4. I love that dress, and your summer hair! Youre just too cute. I hope work goes well and the juggling act isn't hard. Sounds like the perfect foray into working..xo Nancy

  5. Your photography is so beautiful! Im guessing you did the settings?

    1. yes :) I used my cousin in my place got the settings on my camera right and explained how I wanted the shot to look with her in it and then she just recreated them with me. She's really talented, sad she goes back to college across the country soon.

  6. Great choices! Good luck in your new position; you will be fantastic!

  7. You look gorgeous! Love the dress! Thanks for the update on working. I am also working part-time these days but we'll just say the transition has not been so smooth! Too many things up in the air. The dogs may or may not have missed their breakfast a few days...and laundry may or may not be piling up!

  8. Great choice! I love dresses... A whole outfit in one piece. I am having the same problem! I am going back full time and have work clothes! And I am not working to buy clotures and extras... All $ goes to help the household fund! Glad the transition has been smooth! I hope mine will be the same!

  9. Terrific post! You look gorgeous and just the right amount of photos! That dress looks very J Mc Laughlin. You are darling and love your style.

  10. you are JUST darling!!!! i love the dress and your hair and everything :) had no idea you were going back to work - i wish you so much luck!!


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