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Blue and Pink Living Room Design

September 18, 2014

I've been feeling really creative in my house again lately.  As Matthew has been working really hard on updating the landscaping outside, his territory, it's had me wanting to work on things inside, my territory, as well.

I'm starting to crave a little bit of color.  Nothing too crazy, just little bits here and there.  I tend to get overwhelmed really fast when color sneaks into my rooms and usually end up banishing all of it.  I'm a huge fan of neutrals, y'all know that.  I get my crazy from my life with two small children.  Their life in our home brings plenty of color.  In rooms like our family room, there is so much texture and pattern existing in the bones of the room that my all white/natural scheme works so well.  It's probably my favorite room in the house for that reason.  But I've noticed in other spaces that when the room is void of any special architectural features, the all white begins to fall flat. 

That's where the fun accessories come in.  Simple base with a few bits of pretty.  I can't exactly go out and finish the rooms in our house like I wish I could.  I mostly just shop my own stuff when I'm feeling the need to refresh a room.  But I've got the bug so you might be seeing lots of these mood boards around here lately as I play around with things I love!

Judith Gigliotti Glassy Beach Print || Jamieson Sofa || Gobi Wool Rug || Pink Suzani Pillow || Lulie Wallace Print || fresh candle || Ikat Tile Throw || Dragon Lamp || Pink Bone Inlay Tray

*affiliate links were used in the above links to bring you fun at ideas at absolutely no additional cost to you.

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  1. Yes! Those shades of blue & pink seem like they'd be perfect in your home! I especially love the suzani pillow. :)

  2. You are on a decorating frenzy and I love it!!

  3. I have touches of pink with blue & white all over my house too...the combo just makes me happy. You always find such lovely pillows too. I think you should do a post/round up about all the pillows you have.


  4. Great design board! Does the print really come that large? I've only checked out the Thom Filicia prints, I'll have to look into this one, would love to replace my ikea beach prints over our couch with that haha :)

  5. This is one of your best mood board yet! It's so sophisticated and fun- pink and blue can be a tricky combo. Seriously, I say go for it!

  6. That photo over the couch is so great. The perfect amount of color in it. You always do pink and blue well :)

  7. Obsessed with that color combo! That Lulie Wallace print is so perfect!

  8. I love that color scheme. So fresh yet classic! Too bad we're 4 hours apart, I just finished a chair that would be perfect in that space. http://pammorrissews.blogspot.com/2014/09/ikat-wing-chair.html

  9. Julia, this is super cute! Love the room!

  10. I am obsessed with this! It's perfection!! I am still terrified of a white couch with my littles though!

  11. Love your ideas for your room. Everything is so bright and airy!!


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