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September 2, 2014

DIY Tension Rod Puppet Theater

September already?  Blows my mind.  Just saying.

Okay, we're on Day 6 and things are still on a slow path to improvement.  It kind of blows my mind just how long this recovery is taking.  Wells had major reconstructive surgery on her skull at 7 weeks old and again at 6 months and we pretty much came home from the hospital with some tylenol and a happy baby.  This is not the case with Tagg.  He's still on big time pain killers and having a tough time.  I think we're on the home stretch though!

Needless to say when you're stuck at home and inside with two small children you start to go stir crazy.  But sometimes that crazy can be channeled into productivity.  Such was the case on day five of Tagg's recovery when Wells requested a puppet theater.  I guess all that extra coffee I've been needing is good for something.

I found a brand new set of finger puppets at a consignment sale last Spring and it's been a big hit with Wells.  We usually do puppet shows slumped under the ottoman but I figured a quick curtain theater would make it really fun for her!  And she's been so amazing these past few days that I wanted to do something special.

I draped a yard of scrap fabric over a tension rod and folded the sides in to see where I needed to sew (which would actually be no-sew stitch witchery in my case)  I did the same at the top but allowed room for a rod pocket.  Next I hung my panel and marked where I wanted the opening to be located.  I used a rectangular newspaper ad as my template and cut the hole.  Next I ironed on some grosgrain ribbon to create a finished edge.  So easy!  The ironing (rather than sewing) with hem tape was really the only time consuming part.

I think it could be really fun to make another one in red and green for Christmas.  I'm not sure why I think they'll do holiday themed puppet shows, but somehow that seems really likely.  I also love that the fabric is fun, one I wouldn't normally use for pillows or drapes but it still matches the room.  You better believe it's still hanging there right now.  The kids think it's cool to use it as a secret passage way or spy corner.

Have you done any simple sewing (or no-sew) projects lately?  I have got to get a new sewing machine.


  1. Love this idea - will definitely need to make it for my boys once I finish their playroom!

  2. I saw this when you posted it on Instagram and thought it was adorable! So easy and very clever. My kids love to make paper bag puppets - would be cool if we had a theater! I hope Tagg gets better soon.

  3. I'm so sorry you have been dealing with so much in terms of Tagg's recovery. Ugh... But on the bright side, this project is super cute! The kids must LOVE it! You're awesome. :)

  4. That is so much fun! I'm glad that Tagg is slowly starting to feel a little bit better. That's certainly a fun distraction!

  5. I absolutely adore this!!! I've been wanting to make on for the kids for ages. Time to get off my duff and do it already! Glad to hear your finally in the home stretch with Tagg. That photo of him siting on his bed was so cute but so darn sad at the same time :(

  6. How cute is that?! So glad to hear Tagg is finally on the up swing. Hang in there mamma!


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