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September 17, 2014

Fabric Painting In My Dining Room

 I'm thinking about trying my hand at stenciling the curtain panels in our dining room.  Currently, they are white linen.  I don't dislike the white but it was never my intention to leave them completely alone.  I had planned to add a thick border edge or trim to them.  I'm still open to that but I think it could be fun to stencil them allover in one of my favorite patterns also. 

My girl Shelley stenciled some fabric recently and made the most adorable otomi print bean bags for her children.  If it could look this good I'm all for it!  I even love the pattern she chose. 

Would love to hear your stenciling or fabric painting stories.  So many examples floating around pinterest but none I've seen in real life.  I'm worried the finish will look too unprofessional.  Maybe cute for a shower curtain but not my formal dining room.  I've painted fabric before and loved the results so I know it can work.  Have you stenciled fabric before?  If this works well this could be amazing!


  1. I love the pattern Shelly used too. That would look fab in your dining room. I've never stenciled fabric myself but it could look great.

  2. I think you should GO FOR IT!!!!! This is brilliant, even if you use her same idea/pattern! Will look great with the grey/white Schumacher (?) pillows you have too. Mom and I have done a lot of stencilling in our houses. I always cringe to say that outloud because when I hear the word Stencil, I think of bad ivy and grape border stencils in 80's kitchens. I digress. I think a good stencil will be perfect! And since it's a curtain and not a wall, I feel like you have less to worry about with imperfections because the curtain will wrinkle inevitably and fold as you use them. So any imperfection will be far less noticable than on a wall for instance. I made a stencil with mom and then painted it on my hallway walls and I love it. I didnt want to use a roller for uniformity, I wanted it to look like a handpainted work of art and i love the way it turned out. Good luck!!

  3. Omg that tent is way too cute!

  4. Her stenciling is crazy good! Those are the cutest bean bag chairs ever. I do love the idea of thick trim, but that's coming from someone who's picky about their patterns. You have great taste, so I'm sure the pattern you choose to stencil will look fabulous!

  5. You are so sweet :) So, I love the idea of the thick trim. And I also love the stencil. What if you did the otomi print in a very light gray so there isn't a huge contrast and then did a thick trim on the leading edges in a solid charcoal? Like the tones in your family room pillows.


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