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September 3, 2014

Family Room Progress | Reading Corner

A quick update on Tagg.  Overall, he's doing so much better!  He is totally off fluid therapy and I removed his line yesterday.  Add that to my list of skills.  He has a really tough time after he wakes up in the morning and again in the afternoon after his nap.  He's fussy and needs about 45 minutes of direct snuggling before bouncing back to his normal playful self.  He's moving slower and tires easily but seems to be on the mend.  Night time is still a struggle but we'll get there.  It's not like lack of sleep is anything new.

While playing trains with Tagg yesterday in the playroom I decided that my pink desk needed to go.  That room is meant for playing and it was eating up valuable floor space so I moved it to the guestroom.  There was really no room for it in there either, so to make the desk work I had to shuffle a club chair back downstairs and into the family room.  I think I like it.  It creates a cozy little reading corner in the unused second half of our family room. 

The chair needs to be properly slip covered, that's a just a piece of fabric tucked over it, but it already matches perfectly with the other pillows in the room.  And I like that am upholstered piece balances this side of the room a bit better.  It gives Matthew a soft spot to read or play on his phone while I stay up late working on the computer so I don't feel so left out.

You may remember the chair's brief appearance here.  And you can see the current state of the other half of the family room here.  You'll also notice that the kids wicker table and chairs have migrated to the family room as well (check them out in the playroom here and here).

I get so much satisfaction out of moving things around and making them work better.  The awkward placement of the doors to this long room have made separating it into zones so easy.  And I'm starting to not mind that the fireplace isn't a centered feature.  I'm sure my husband wishes that I did this a little less.  It's like I can't seem to dust under a piece of furniture without relocating it entirely.  Do y'all do that too?


  1. Yep, I like it there. Tucks in perfectly in that spot. My husband was TICKED when I started moving furniture around in our master. I moved an extra dresser out that we didn't need and it was full on war for a couple of days. Luckily he came around and saw how much more sense it made, but sheesh!

    Glad to hear Tagg is doing better!

  2. Love your neutral space! You do neutral so well!!! And I'm so glad to hear Tagg is a little better. Poor guy!

  3. Girl....if I start cleaning.....really cleaning.....nothing is safe. I start moving everything! Love a good reading chair in a corner and that fabric looks great with everything else. Glad your Tagg is feeling better:)

  4. We are in an apartment, so I feel that I don't have too many options to move things around. It seems that all of our things are organized in a pretty precise way, with little wiggle room. I will sometimes move my storage ottomans around. It's amazing how moving furniture around makes it seem new.

  5. Where can I find a wicker play set?

  6. Nice! Like the club chair and fabric.

  7. I am forever moving items around my house...even our cleaning lady has made comments about how she never cleans the same house twice. I am a fan of the club chair fabric too, where is it from?


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