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September 23, 2014

On My Radar: Week One

I'm a huge fan of the Link Lists that so many blogs publish on Fridays but I can never seem to get my act together to post my own on a strict schedule.  I do have a few things that stick out each week that aren't really big enough for their own post so I thought it would be fun to share those with you whenever the mood strikes.

I know people tend to go blonder in the summer but I think I'm about to get a few more highlights for fall.  I love the golden blonde look with some dark blonde/light brown mixed in.  Big fan.

I'm a huge fan of this outfit and am happy to have found her style blog.

Slow-cooker lemon and rosemary chicken.  Yes please.

I love this hair tutorial for a messy bun and braid combo.  She has a few other simple ones that I already do.  I was really into braids twisted into pony tails a few years ago and I'm thinking about bringing that back.

I have at least two pieces of old furniture that could really benefit from a bookshelf facelift like this one.  Too bad the article doesn't give any paint colors or directions.  Although I guess paint it easy enough to figure out.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Love that gingham is all the rage for next spring because I've always been a fan. And I think I need to try that braid / bun combo. Too cute!

  2. I can't get over how much I love the gingham/leopard combo.

  3. Ohhh love the idea of painting the inside of a piece of furniture. I may have to try this ;)

    And I agree about the Friday lists, sometimes I don't get around to it either.

  4. Love that recipe! Would you mind sharing where you get your hair done? I also live in Richmond and am on the hunt for a new stylist! You have beautiful hair! Thanks!

  5. Love these posts and love your picks! Adore the outfit - chic and casual and painting the inside of furniture…perfection!

  6. Love this link list!!! I always go blonder in the winter. It makes me feel bright when I'm all pale and pasty. Can't wait to try that chicken too!


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