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September 20, 2014

Saturday Shopping | Anthro Day

Today is Anthro Day you get to take 15% everything with code: FALLPERK.  I've rounded up a few of my fall favorites below.  Dang I wish it all would hop in my closet.  Of course, it's always a good time to stock up on one of my favorite scented candles as well.

One of my favorite fall outfits is skinny jeans with boots and a simple but pretty top.  I've already got my favorite jeans and a new pair of boots ready to roll for fall.  Those are staples I'm willing to spend a bit more on for fit and quality.  I've been saving for those boots for a while to replace a less expensive pair that wore out.  I'm really excited about them!  I know I will wear them a bajillion times.  I've been focusing on more polished casual clothes the past few years and am wanting to pick up a new top or two for Saturdays.  Football games and fall festivals and going to the winery at the cabin are the perfect time to step it up just a bit from my normal plaid button downs.  I seriously want every single one of these tops. 

I'm starting to notice that I'm lacking in dressier clothes.  Between work and a few weddings on the horizon I'm starting to taking a deeper look at what's out there.  In addition to the pretties below, I'm also really in love with this striped dress.  I have absolutely no where to wear it.  I just can't justify it, but boy is it pretty!

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  1. I enjoy your blog a lot. I thnk you need to stop apologizing so much and just write. Who cares about the critics. I find it difficult to read your blog when one day you are apologizing and the next day you are apologizing again. Just write! Your content is great, your kids are adorable, you've got great ideas and style!

  2. I agree with mamamac that you should stop apologizing. There are things I find annoying about your blog, but it's *your blog, and you should just write what you want. I read it for your decorating stuff and if the other stuff annoyed me too much I'd just stop reading, so just write what you want! And if you haven't already stopped looking at GOMI, stop now.

  3. Anthro has cornered the peasant top market right now. I almost spent a small fortune in there the other day on peasant tops alone that would look adorable with skinnies!


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